Sunday, December 4, 2016

Journey Girl Doll Makeovers

Hi Doll Friends,

I just found this in drafts and figured I'd post it... It's when I was working on Journey Girl Doll Makeovers a while ago. I thought sure I'd posted it then but apparently not. I am just going to let it be mostly a photo blog since I've done doll makeovers galore!

I ended up, through a thrift store find, having two identical dolls... So... Despite it being hard to do because her hair was perfect, I decided to customize one of them! I've done many doll re-wigs before and it gets easier to do the more often you do it. 

Still hard to say goodbye to that beautiful hair!!

Into the trash it went though... 

I cut it all off down to the nubs and then cut as much of that off as I could. 

Seems a shame to waste the pretty doll hair but customizing comes at a price sometimes...

Here was my first wig try on. Isn't she pretty? I thought I liked her in this one pretty well and it stayed on for a week or so....

Here she is with her former twin. Isn't it remarkable how much different hair can alter a dolls appearance? 

Then I got a great deal on a lot of Global wigs on eBay. Then I got red wig (above left) and changed my mind and decided it was perfect!! That is the one that 's glued down... The other doll (above right) is another customized doll who started out life as a red head. Custom dolls are so much fun because they are generally totally one of a kind, just like people. I love that. 

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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