Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lunch With Frann At Mangia Italiana!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
One of my newer favorite aspects of my doll hobby is doll photography... I love seeing photos of other peoples dolls out on adventures in the 'real world' and aspired this year to take a few of my own. More often than not, my chosen model is my beautiful Frann doll! When I take Frann Doll along for adventures, it is fun for two reasons. First, because it's like vicariously getting to take my real friend Frann, who lives half a world away in Korea, on tours around to my favorite places in my local area. Secondly, obviously, is because it's fun taking the photos!

Here is Frann outside Mangia Italiana yesterday. If it looks cold it's because it was kind of... It was in the 20s I think. What's funny though is the day before it was -9degrees and so it felt almost warm by comparison! It's all about perspective I guess. Frann doll was staying nice and warm in her cute white 'fur' jacket (I got it at the Flea Market this summer... So cute!) and sweet little beret. 

Right as you walk in, there is this funny statue. So of course we had to take a photo by it! 

I whispered to Frann Doll "Lets take a photo by the bottles of wine! They'll look like they are huge bottles of wine!!" and made myself giggle... What can I say, you have to giggle at the small things. 

Then they have this awesome wine press! Of course we had to get a photo by it!

Mangia means "Eat!" in Italian. I have a close friend who had the word painted on her dining room wall because her little old Italian Granny would always say "Mangia mangia!!" Isn't that sweet?

What a pretty place! Frann Doll and I both loved the light up grapes!

We got a really great seat by the window... Here is Frann at our table. 

We had a great lunch! So fun to go out with friends isn't it? 

(By way, I brought my Our Generation Clip On Chair that I got at Goodwill this Summer for $1.99 and it worked like a charm! I'll buy anymore I see because how fun to take photos of dolls actually sitting at tables! It made me giggle right out loud when I took the photos...! Again, it's the little things, eh?)

Gotta run! 
Till next time!

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