Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kingsstate Doll 18inch Collection!

Hi Doll Friends!

When I madeover my rainbow wig Kingstate doll I decided it might be fun to do group photos of all the dolls with their own 'kind' of doll. So, since she was my inspiration I decided to start with my Kingstate dolls. 

Which, ironically enough, are all customized. Lets just say this sort of doll isn't made with the best hair! One of them, Paul Joseph came with an entirely different kind of body...?

These two (above photo) came from thrift shops...

Then my Melanie Kingstate doll has an entirely different look altogether. I can't decide if I think that the face scuplt is the same but her eyes are much different... So it's interesting how different the dolls can be despite all being Kingstate dolls. 

More Doll Collection photos on the way... I worked on photographing some of them yesterday!

Till then!

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