Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Horse Sleigh Goodwill Find!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
Well this week is flying by! Wednesday morning already! So... Yesterday being Tuesday, I went in to town for work and naturally dropped into a Goodwill on way home. As I was saying to a lady in line there when I got to chatting with her, "It's the thrill of the hunt! You literally never know what you're going to find!" What did I find yesterday you ask? 

I found this amazing doll sized wood horse sleigh!! It is fabulous!! It was only marked $5.99 which kind of surprised me because it's a heavy wood item and beautifully crafted. Score!!

I won't lie, I had a moment of hesistation as I grabbed it up and took it up to the register... I do try to be realistic about how much doll stuff I can fit into my house and not look like one of the people on Hoarders. Haha. No disrespect!! I know it's a compulsion some people can't control... Myself included obviously to a certain degree... I joke my doll's are Hoarders because it's beginning to be that they have one of everything. Teehee. At least it's all doll sized right? I literally very rarely have urge to purchase 'real' sized whatsits' now, it's all about the doll house when it comes to decor. I've been married 25 years, my house was decorated long ago! Haha. 

Anyway, back to the sleigh... It's so neat! It only fits one doll in it comfortably. I tried to sit two side to side and no dice... I might try some of the HeartForHeart dolls and see if two can fit because they are smaller. 

Frann Doll was the very first doll to try it out! She was excited! She's always had an affinity for horses and a sleigh ride in the snow sounds amazing! Heather Doll said "I know just the perfect thing!!" and off she went...

I pulled out the horse while she was off on her errand. *wink* and it was a perfect 'fit'! I am going to have figure out some manner of harnessing to make it look like they're hooked together and obviously in future, more detailed 'scenes' I am going to have to take of the saddle... LOL I looked at photos to edit them and I was like "well, it's obvious I am not a horse person or I'd have noticed strait off that the saddle looks silly with the sleigh there..." But then I figured that perhaps that would solve the 'problem' of only one doll fitting in sleigh! One can ride horse and one can ride in sleigh. Perfect! 

Heather Doll came back with a cute Christmas pillow and blanket to make it cozy for being out in the cold and snow! The 'blanket' is actually a placemat but I thought it looked like a small lap quilt. Perfect!

Frann Doll tried it out with the blanket and pillow and reported it was very comfortable!! Isn't she cute!!??

By the way, the horse is one I got this summer at a Garage sale and he (she??) has been tucked away in a closet awaiting a proper review ever since... I want to do good photos but I can't figure out what manner of background to make for photos with a horse. I mean ideally the photos would happen outside and the background would just be nature but... That's never as easy to orchestrate as you might imagine! Especially now that it's going to be cold. So I need to think of a good background to make for indoor "outdoor' photos. What do you think the background should be? Clouds? Clouds with grassy stuff at bottom? Maybe some trees? I haven't a clue and can't get a picture in my mind of how to pull it off and so poor horsie has been living in a closet. However, now that I had the sleigh, I figured I'd just do a plain white background (well, with quilt blocks) and maybe I could 'pretend' to be in a barn or something? Haha. Maybe that's the ticket! Do a 'barn' background!! I literally just thought of that as I was typing this out! I think I'll try it... Only now to figure out what a background of the inside of a barn would look like? What do you think?

Thanks, as always, for dropping by! It's so much fun to 'talk dolls' and even better to have people who 'listen' sometimes. So, thanks for that. Have a great day!!!!! 

Oh, and Jesus literally just whispered inot my mind (Holy Spirit talks if you can learn to listen to Him) to remind you that He loves you with all of His heart. 

Better run! 
Till Next time!

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