Monday, December 19, 2016

My Life As Doll Boy Doll Surprise!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Ever since I bought my first My Life As Doll Boy Doll, I've been kicking myself for not having gotten the other one they make in that line. For some reason they only came out with two which I thought was odd given that their girl dolls have all manner of different hair, eye and skin color choices. Perhaps they wanted to test the market? In any case, they came out with two. I only didn't buy them both when they first came out because I was trying to be reasonable... I can't have 'all the dolls' right? Haha.

Every time someone in one of my doll groups would post a photo of this fella, I would kick myself for not having gotten him then... Why? Well, for a little while, he disappeared off the Walmart website and I assumed they'd run out of all they had and that was that. Interestingly enough, when I just checked the link to share with you, it said there were four available...? Walmart is so odd in how they release their toys... But I am telling you the last time I checked, this fella was sold out!! So perhaps they had two runs of him? Who knows... So maybe you'll be able to score one too!

When I thought he was sold out, I knew I wasn't going to pay the cut-throat prices of eBay sellers who go out and buy ten of everything and sell it all for twice or three times the original amount. (Can't tell that bugs me, eh?) So I lamented about all of this to my husband, God bless his heart, who always listens to my doll regrets with equal mixture of amusement and interest...

Interest because he knows he will earn huge 'points' if he is able to find things I want and surprise me with them. In his job he ends up going to Walmart a lot and he is so sweet that he often stops by the toy area to see if any of my 'unicorns' (hard to find items) are there. 

So on Friday... Guess who he found??

I was so stoked!!! He said he couldn't even wait for Christmas!! I told him "I should wrap it and put it up under the tree and he said "Nah! Just open him!! I have another present for under the tree!!" Did I mention my husband likes to spoil me? Heehee. I am one lucky girl!

So I opened him up but haven't gotten photos taken yet... That'll be in an upcoming post...! I just had to tell you about him because I was so excited!! 

Better run and get my Monday started!
Till next time!

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  1. I saw this doll at our local Walmart just a few days ago! I was tempted, but I restrained myself. I am currently in the process of trying to let some of my massive collection of dolls find new homes so that I can really enjoy the ones I keep...not easy! I only have one,small sewing/doll room in my house, and it gets crowded and cluttered pretty quickly. Oh, if only space wasn't an issue! In the meanwhile, I will live vicariously through your blog and enjoy all your dolls through photos. :)