Sunday, December 11, 2016

Heart For Hearts 14inch Doll Collection... So far...!

Hi Doll Friends!

It is such a busy time of the year! So I am a little behind in my recent idea to update my doll collection posts here since my collection has grown quite a lot over the last year. I finally found time to get the Heart For Hearts dolls posed and photographed. 

Here they all are! 

From Left to Right Back Row:

-Lauryce (Name she came with but I loved it)
-Surjan (Name she came)

From Left to Right Front Row:

-Lilian (Name she came with)
-?? Not named yet! Just got her!!

All but one of them have been found second hand because they are sadly retired and extremely expensive on the 2nd hand market unless you happen to find them in a thrift store like I've done with mine... I got my most recent one that I've posted about this year in May. here is the story of Katniss and my other Dell doll and one other I just found this last week at a thrift store I haven't taken the time to post about. 

For a little more information on this manner of dolls here is the Heart For Hearts Dolls Facebook page! They really are cute little dolls. I feel like they are a little bit too fragile for all but a bit older girls who are very careful with their dolls. From what I understand they plan to bring them back out on the market soon and I think that is great. The regular new price point of $40 is pretty good compared to the American Girl Wellie Wishers but they are also not as 'sturdy' as I understand those to be. These dolls also had a bit of an issue with the eyes fading color and turning purple or other odd colors. This has started to happen with my Lauryce... Still, they are really beautiful dolls and a great 'little sister' for American Girl, Our Generation and other 18inch dolls.

Here they all are in my new 'transport basket' being shuttled from where they are stored to the photo spot!

A very handy way to transport and store them if you need to... Laundry baskets!

Here they are all put back in their normal 'homes...

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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