Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vintage Kelly Little Sister to Barbie 16inch Doll Joins the Doll House

Hello Doll Friends!

Guess what? I got another doll!! Are you surprised? I thought not. What can I say? I am like the Duggar Mom for dolls... I just can't keep from wanting more! At least I don't have to feed them! This little beauty is a Vintage 1994 Mattel Kelly, Little Sister to Barbie, 16inch doll. I have a lovely friend who works at one of my favorite thrift stores and I just happen to meander in on the day she got her 'showcase' items in. This lovely doll is in 'new' condition other than a little case of 'toy box hair'. I am not sure how she stayed in such great shape for a 20+ year old doll but all I could do was to snatch her up for her $15 asking price. Her little accessories and outfits alone were worth that much really... What did I have to lose? 

Here are the items she came with minus the little cat carrying sling that was also included. I wasn't even sure it went with her originally but after I brought her home I did some research on her and sure enough, it was original to her as well. 

Here is a photo I found of her online, in her original box. As best as I can tell, she is only missing the little pink rabbit and one slipper from her original items. She is very clean... I imagine she must've been gifted to an older child who didn't play with her or a collector because she is literally as clean as she probably was the day she came out of the box. Note that the online one I found lists her as from 2000, but the back of her neck says 1994 so that is the number I decided to land on, age wise. 

Kelly has a soft, nonarticulated body, like a baby doll, and plastic legs and arms. She has fully rooted, thick hair of pretty decent quality. Here she is in the Doll House. Summer (a Positively Perfect Divah Doll) is modeling her PJ's, they fit just right and you can see that her little cookies and juice box are next to her on the shelf by the bed. She and her accessories fit right in!

That's all for now Doll Friends! See you next time!

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