Sunday, April 10, 2016

Newest Our Generation 18inch Doll Make-Over

Hi Doll Friends!

Sometimes you get a wild idea when you're looking through your "doll crafts to-do" stuff. A while ago I bought a set of two doll wigs on eBay. They were made for Bitty Baby's I think but were correct size for 18" dolls as well. I purchased the set just for the "boy" wig... The "girl" wig was identical except one thing... It has a little lock of hair on top that sort of "sticks up" and wouldn't do for a boy doll at all.

However! I saw it in the drawer today and thought "I wonder if it would be cute as a pixie cut on a girl doll?" Well... The the rest happened pretty quickly. 

I've had this OG doll I got at a thrift store for a while now. I cleaned her up and her hair looks vastly improved compared to how it was when I found her. It still looked "tired" though and she, I have to admit, never got taken off the shelf much. Not to mench I have two other OG dolls with dark brown hair and blue eyes... I had even considered giving this one away to Goodwill because I am trying to keep my doll posse down to manageable levels and since she wasn't a favorite... So, I had nothing to lose. I sheared off her hair and totally changed her look.

I love her!!!! I've wanted to get a doll with a pixie cut! Not all girls have long hair after all!

I am naming her Courtney after a friend I have that she favors. I dressed her in the dress that came on my recent LOTUS doll Sharon. 

She looks so pretty! 

I think I might have more short haired dolls in the future cos I love the look!

Till next time!

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