Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Generation Clothes Bundle

Hi Doll Friends!

Recently Target had a sale on their Our Generation doll clothes. Their "bundles" were about $42 and the single outfits were about $9. I love OG clothes... In my opinion they are on par with American Girl Doll clothes but a fraction of the price. I especially love their Retro clothes line and so the bundle I chose was that one. 

I had never actually ordered OG clothes online before but think it will be all I do going forward! Love love love the packaging so much more than the way they come in store! Nothing sewn to cards or attached to anything. Just the outfit in the box in a nice clear plastic bag. Nice.

I kept the boxes out in the mud room in case I need to mail a parcel anytime soon cos they are a good size...

I didn't get all the outfits modeled as they came.... 

My daughter loved the bowling shoes and jeans in the set with the bowling ball but didn't care for letter jacket. So you can see the jeans and shoes from that set on the AG doll below. 

Here is the letter jacket on my OG Katie (below) I love love love the jacket because it's the right colors for my high school. We were called the Patriots (Military Brat school by an AF base) and red white and blue were our colors. So Katie is perfect as a cheer leader for my former high school. 

I love this black Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys dress so much! Oh, I love them all! 

Below are the stock photos from Target website of all included in the sets.

I love the tennis set here too! It comes with a racquet and a tennis ball! So naturally I bought two because you can't play tennis by yourself! 

I love the tennis outfits but they are really short! They could've made them a little longer... But cute!

This outfit I just bought because I love it. 

Better run and make dinner... 
Till next time!

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