Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Generation 18inch Eva Doll! A Flea Market Find!

Hi Doll Friends!

We went to the flea market on Sunday after church... I have a favorite vendor there and really only go to her booth. It's a 'toy store' booth of 2nd hand toys! Talk about a treasure hunt! So this time... I round the corner to her store and who do I see looking back at me?

This beauty right here, that's who. She is an Our Generation Doll and she was marked $10. That's a bit or a bob more than I normally like to pay for second hand dolls but she looked/is brand spanking new!! She even had most of her original accessories in her backpack! Score! 

Then, as I am glancing around, I see this doll stroller. It had a different doll in it but I wasn't interested in the doll and so asked how much for just the stroller? She sold it to me for $3.00!! Sweet!!! 

This baby is one from ToysRUs. They sell the 8inch baby dolls that are perfect scale for 18inch dolls to use them as little brothers and sisters or babysitting charges. Target also sells a cute variety and they are all under about $5.00. I have, well... several... I've been meaning to do a proper 'baby siblings for the dolls' post and this reminds me I need to! So many blog posts in my mind, so little time to get them typed out and posted. Good thing I am only in my 40s! Haha. 

Did a bit of research into who this doll might be and it turns out she is a current 'Deluxe Doll'! At least she is still on the website. Her original name was Eva although I think I am going to call mine Jamie.

She came with a couple of different accessories, like the camera, and mine came with quite a few of them!! The camera being my favorite of the little bits that came with mine. 

Sorry for the grainy photos but I think it's so neat I can find the 'orignal' doll photos when I buy one second hand. Hip-hip-hooray for the internet!!

See? Here are the little bits that she came with. I really do think I got a great deal!! I'd have paid at least a couple of dollars just for that cute little camera!!

Better jet if I am going to get one more post written before I need to wake up the family. 

Till next time!

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