Thursday, September 8, 2016

Justice 18Inch Doll Pajamas!

Hi Doll Friends!

We went to the mall last week to buy some things for the kids... I know Justice sometimes sells 18" Doll Clothes and so I decided I would stop in and see what they had.

They had the cutest PJs! They also had a buy two get one free sale on them! Ironically enough they only had three styles of PJs. So I got one of each of them! 

This one was my favorite! I love coffee in real life and so they are perfect! There was only one left and so it must be the favorite of a lot of people!

This is a cute little night gown.

This set is very cute and my favorite color! It speaks of mermaids and my favorite Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid" and so I love them!

Here is LisaDoll in the night gown.

KimDoll looks so adorable in the coffee PJs!

She's picking out a book to read at bed time.

CrystalDoll and Kim Doll are studying a book together.

The girls room is filled with all manner of girlie stuff... Reminds me of my daughters room. 

They keep their American Girl dolls on their beds. 

Crystal sits down to write in her diary.

KimDoll is doing a bit more research with some hot tea before bed. She wears her head phones so she doesn't disturb the other girls trying to sleep.

All the girls love their new PJs.

Do you like them? Oh! By the way, the prices on them were $12.99 for the 2pc sets and $10.99 for the gown. I got the gown free. A tiny bit expensive for doll clothes but Justice is top notch. Not to mention, my family all went to Hot Topic for a screen printed Tshirt. So I said "I'd rather have doll clothes!" So my husband smiled and told me to go get them. About same cost as a Tshirt and I love them much more than I would've liked a shirt for me.

Well, that's it for now!
Till next time!

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