Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Life As 18inch Doll Tall Riding Boots From Walmart

Hi Doll Friends!

I love tall riding boots. I have at least a half a dozen pairs of my own, I wear them all the time in the fall and winter... So naturally I love tall boots for my dolls as well. 

As I've mentioned, I've taken to looking at the doll section of any Walmart I happen to go to when I go in for food and sundries. They've really stepped up their game in the 18inch doll department with regards to the items the sell... I am finding the only irritating thing is it's very hit and miss when it comes to what you can find at any given store. Why oh why can't they all be consistent? But I've found that the five or six Walmart's I can shop at are all a bit different from one another with regards to what they sell. Why? Demographics I guess? Eitherwise, whatever the reason, I have found, if you happen to see the thing you want it's best to buy it because you may never see it as store again! 

Case in point? These fabulous tall black riding boots!! I had never seen them before and there were only two pairs at the Walmart I found them at...?! Their doll footwear costs $2.97 each and so I bought both pairs! Because twinning dolls is so much fun!

Aren't they cute!

HeatherDoll and FrannDoll wanted to put on twinning outfits immediately when they saw them! You might've noticed them in my last posting... I love the boots! Looking forward to many more clothing ensembles paired up with them! 

Better go get ready for church! 
Happy Sunday!!

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  1. Wow! HeatherDoll and FrannDoll in the same dress and riding boots are so fabulous. I also like to have lots of high-heels and riding boots in real life. Haha. Looking forward to seeing them in more ensenbles.