Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Friend Cayla 18" Doll on Clearance at Walmart

Hello Doll Friends!

I've seen reviews of this doll but she was originally $69.99 and didn't interest me much at all for that reason alone...

But the other day at Walmart I found a "My Friend Cayla" doll that had gotten marked down to $11.00. So I caved and bought her just for curiosity... I thought the outfit is cute and can always donate doll, right?

I go back and forth about what I think of her. I won't be putting batteries in because I watched the YouTube review  of her working. I suppose it's cool but maybe it's my age but it kind of creeps me out, her talking. Haha. And being hooked to my phone creeps me out too.

Her hair seems like rubbish at a first glance and proved to be so-so quality when I got her out of the box.

She has a hard plastic body with a battery pack in her back. Her face is pretty I think but my daughter thinks "she is creepy looking"

I ultimately decided not to keep her... I have lots of dolls and she didn't catch my heart at all. 

I am glad I got her to look her over though and am sure the little girl she goes home with will love her!

I didn't do a very thorough review of her... There are several on YouTube and I never like to reinvent the wheel. She isn't my favorite doll ever and I don't like to say unkind things about dolls. 

That's it for now! 
Till next time.

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