Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Paradise Kids 18inch Doll Horse At Friends House

Hi Doll Friends!!

You know you've truly embraced your doll collecting self when you unabashedly and unashamedly gush with excitement upon seeing a doll item at a grown, non-doll collecting, friends house! Then you double-down and ask to take a few photos... "You know, for my blog!" Haha. Case in point?

This cute little fella right here. 

He is a Paradise Kids 18inch Doll horse... I just had to look him over and photograph him for you to see too!

He is a lot like the Our Generation horses in that he has "fur" or "hair" (which word to use? I am not an equestrian at all!) over his plastic body... 

I liked the feature that you can bend his little ears... Horses, from what I recall, show a lot of their emotions via the cocking of their ears, so that's a clever feature.

See, here is him with ear bent forward. Isn't he lovely? Do you have a horse for your doll? I actually have two... And two ponies as well. I've been meaning to get them all out and show them to y'all all Summer with some nice outdoor photos... Seeing this little guy reminded me I need to do that! So I'll get a few of the dolls dressed in some horse gear and try and get that done this week sometime! 

Better run for now! 
Till next time!

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