Friday, August 5, 2016

New My Life As Doll Items At Walmart!!

Hi Doll Friends!

The 18inch Doll groups on Facebook are all talking about the new My Life As items coming out now at Walmart!! So I took a little trip to Walmart hoping to find some of the newer sets! 

Here is what I found... I will write all about it as soon as I can but am posting this initially as a photo review because I know oftentimes photos can tell a lot of the story and I love to see the new items coming out when I can't find them in MY store... Even just photos. LOL So here was what was at my Walmart!

This 'Dog Stroller' was on sale for $5. I didn't buy it because... Dog stroller? Who strolls their dog in a stroller? Haha. 

Here are the newer pets. They have cats and guinea pigs now.... Cute, but just as big as the dogs... That means mutant-like sized guinea pigs! Still, good for more variety!

Look! Bunnies too! Cute!

The pony and the horse were pretty!

Here is the wheel chair. 

This is new and cute as a button... Not practical for me, it wouldn't hold a 5th of my doll clothes! Haha! But for most little girls with a reasonable doll wardrobe, it would be lovely!! Love that it has a place on one side to put the shoes! 

Cute pull out sofa beds!

I've decided that, perhaps, someday, I might have to buy a couple of these beds... Because look how cute they are made into bunk beds!! I know... I have bunk beds... But I have a lot of dolls! haha!

This is the Fiesta Set. I bought it! Review to be posted soon!

Here is the new Vet Set. I LOVE it and plan to get it someday but the older one was on clearance and came with an outfit! So I will have it on my wish list... Love the little dog treats! Might have to try and make some of those myself out of playdoh or something becasue so cute!

I didn't buy smaller vet set because... Look how much more came with the clearance set for only $1 more. 

The clothes just get cuter and cuter... So far I haven't bought even one outfit because the outfits are $10 and I am cheap... But now that they come with a few accessories each, I might be changing my tune. TOO CUTE!!

The Cayla doll is on clearance... I've never wanted one because it creeps me out that she can talk but... Depending on how cheap she gets?? Who knows... She's half her original price now.

In the party section! Would be great for Doll Party themed party favors!! I didn't buy a pack for some reason...? Next time!

They also had baby bottles... What do you think of scale? I decided probably too small for by baby sibling dolls but... Maybe I'll buy some sometime anyway... They have tiny bottles when they come home from hospital afterall... Right? 

I am kicking self for only buying two packages of these!! I love them... Only 97c a pack I am definately going to buy more... They are perfect for the dolls! 

I got fiesta set and the clearanced Snack Stand and a couple of the eraser snacks... Along with my Dollar Tree Tea Sets, I was able to make a pretty nifty little Snack Cafe.... More photos of it to come, was late when I got it all set up!

Gotta run...
Till next time!!

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