Monday, August 1, 2016

Dollar Tree Tea Sets and Play Money For 18inch Dolls!

Hi Doll Friends!

I went into town today on an errand and stopped into the Dollar General. Sometimes you can find doll sized items there and at $1 an item, it's always fun to have a look. 

What did I find today? These adorable little tea sets FrannDoll is modeling! They are nearly perfectly sized and pretty cute! I bought two so I'd have a service for eight... Naturally after getting them home and seeing how cute they are out of package I wish I would've cleaned them out so I could give away as gifts or sommat. Cos, cute! It might even be fun to try painting them... So maybe I'll buy more some other time. They are not heavy at all but seemingly sturdy enough for an older child to play with and enjoy. 

Aren't they cute! They also had sets with the exact opposite colors. (Pink cups with purple plates etc) 

The other item I found was this package of "money" stickers. Meant for teachers I imagine... I am using them as money for the dolls! I simply stuck two stickers together, sticky to sticky, and it makes a nice durable doll sized bill! So cute. Sturdier than the printables and durable enough for older kids to play with quite a bit I imagine. The six sheets should make enough cash for all your dolly wallets and purses! Fun!

So head to your local Dollar Tree and find some great doll sized items yourself! I also saw cute doll sized pot and pan sets but have enough doll pans for the dolls to compete on Masterchef!! 

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. You should definitely spray paint the tea sets with silver and/or gold spray paint. I have used it in the past with wonderful results! :)

    1. I will go buy some paint! Thanks!

    2. PS sorry for short reply, just been long day and am hitting the hay! Thanks for tip!

    3. Paining silver spray on the plastic tea sets is such a good idea. They will be siverwares. I have seen a Korean blog where the owner makes those kinds of untensils for dolls. Great inventors for doll items.