Friday, August 19, 2016

My Life As Doll Rain Gear Set!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I recently got this "My Life As Doll" Rain Gear set from Walmart as a surprise gift from my husband. I had been meaning to open it and show it to y'all... but this weekend it started thunderstorming and so put the cute boots on FrannDoll, handed her the umbrella and we went out for some rainy day photos! I love rain and thunderstorms especially!

The sidewalks were wet but Frann's boots kept her feet nice and dry. 

Here is the set in its packaging. Isn't it cute?

I think this one is my favorite! Such vivid color! Rain makes the grass so green!

It was a fun walk. It turns out Frann loves rain and umbrellas as much as I do! How lovely! We have so much in common!

Till next time!

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  1. I have this set! I think it's so cute, and the umbrella is adorable. Our Walmart carried this set and another one in a different color...I keep thinking about going back and getting the other one, too!