Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Princess And Me 18inch Doll Ariel Make-Over

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

First off, once again, I have accidentally left this post in my 'Drafts' without meaning to... Writing a blog is a sort of multi-faceted thing. There is finding things you want to write about, photographing them, writing blogs, updating Pinterest board, updating Facebook page... I love it all but it does tend to sometimes make you miss a 'step' in the process of getting a blog posted. Hence, my missplacing drafts sometimes. See, as I take the photos, I am pretty much writing the blog in my mind as I take photos... So it's almost as if it's done already but it's just a matter of getting it typed out. I am rambling here... My point is, I posted this draft a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting here to tell you the story. 

As many of you know, I find orphan dolls at thrift shops quite often... Which I love to do, especially when I can take a doll that has been through Toy Box Horrors and bring her back to her lovely self. One problem a person who's good at finding dolls such as these, though, is that often times you find duplicates of dolls you already have at home... Hmmm... To buy or not to buy? I am sure you know the answer to that question when I ask it of myself is usually 'to buy!!' Usually, if they are dressed, the outfit alone is worth the cost of the doll... I don't really want to have a lot of duplicates in my doll house though... I have enough dolls as it is without having two of any of them. You know?

So that combined with my recent sort of 'obsession' with re-wigging dolls became the subject of this post. Here is Ariel with a wig I tried on her after I shore off her regular hair...

You see, I already have a Princess and Me Ariel and didn't 'need' another one. This one I found at Goodwill had on this great dress (I am adding it to my Halloween Costume cache!) and was in good shape... She only cost $1.99!

But only needing one Ariel, I instantly knew I would see how she looked with alternate hair!

Her hair before was in ok shape, I could've sorted it without too much trouble but knowing it was coming off, I just left it in it's pony and sheared it off with scissors. 

This wig was just a 'try on' that ended up being glued on to another doll... (see upcoming post) Ariel is currently wearing a strawberry blonde wig but I apparently forgot to photograph her in it so stay tuned for an update of this post to include a photo of what will likely be her permenent hair!! I thought she looked pretty great here with the short red hair but I bought this wig for a different doll and so she couldn't keep it. I like the strawberry blonde wig she is currently wearing but haven't glued it on yet so I must still be ambiguous about it. (I know I've committed to a wig for sure when the glue goes down!) 

That's it for now doll friends!
Till next time!


  1. A wig makes a doll totally look different. In Korea, Disney 16inch play dolls are popular. Even I have most Disney princess, about 15ea, which I bought on Disney official site. I haven't seen 18 inch doll on it. Are these girls not available at the moment?

  2. Hi Hi hi... I am so behind on comments my dear Frann! These are available at ToysRUs as far as I know. We will have to chat about them soon! XXOO H