Friday, August 5, 2016

Boy Doll Makeover To Curly Hair

Hi Doll Friends!

Sometimes the problem with learning to makeover dolls is that then you can't seem to stop wanting to change things! 

Case in point this little fella... I had re-wigged him into a blonde a while ago. He was a cute blonde boy but looked a bit washed out... So I was in eBay one day and saw this curly wig in the right size for my dolls... I put in my meager bid and figured I'd win if it was meant to be. Must've been, because I won!

I wasn't sure who I ordered it for but I hadn't glued down this fellas blonde wig yet (I never do until I am sure the wig is just right!) So I tried the curly wig on him... And only took it back off because I wanted to glue it down! I love it! He is so cute!

What do you think?

His hair is curly all over! Awesome!

I thought the glasses worked too... I've jokingly been calling him Bob Ross! As in the painter. Haha. But I don't think that will be his real name... Ideas?

Have been having trouble getting drafts to upload! So I have about six drafts of photos that all finally uploaded at once. I am glad they finally uploaded but now I have a lot of writing to do and the weekend has nearly disappeared! Phooey. Oh well, while I was continually restarting phone and restarting Blogger etc, I was able to get a fun doll craft or two done! So... Be prepared for posts as soon I can get them written!

Till next time!

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