Saturday, January 2, 2016

American Girl Doll Dresses and Accessories From eBay For A Penny!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I posted recently about some dresses I got for a good deal on eBay. Good deal doesn't really tell the story though... These dresses only cost $1.00 with shipping to arrive at my door!

How do you find cheap dresses like this on eBay?

Well the trick is to play with your search engines... Enter in "18 inch doll clothes" or "American Girl Doll Clothes" then tweak your search to "Auction" only and "Lowest to Highest" for your sort... It should bring up a plethora of doll clothes starting at as low as a penny for the initial bid price. Then, the trip to winning them for the beginning price (or within a few pennies of it) is to go and bid on every single dress you like even if it's six days out. Then... wait. It's kind of like fishing. I generally bid on like 20-30 different dresses and end up with about five or six that make it through at the initial bid price. Now the caveat is that you could very well get 'stuck' with all the dresses you bid on... But honestly I wasn't worried about it because for $1.00 each, I'll buy all I can get. They'd make great gifts! So that's it... That's how you get doll clothes on eBay for next to nothing. 

As you can see: $1.00 each!!

As you can see, this one 'cost' more in bid price but it was free shipping and so it was only $1.25 total. 

Same deal here... Free shipping. 

I really liked this one and so went higher on bid price... But $2.25 isn't bad!

This one was worth every penny... Still a great deal for a doll wedding dress!!

This swimsuit is an actual Our Generation swimsuit... It came with an older set but is really nice... I am planning a 'swim suit' review in the future and I'll talk more about it there. 

So... Go look in eBay and find yourself some cheap doll clothes. They are made pretty well especially considering the price. I'll do a more proper review of the dresses soon too!

Till then!

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