Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doppelgänger Dolls

Hello Doll Friends!! 

Since really getting into collecting dolls I continue to be drawn to the 18inch variety and as my collection grows, I find myself wanting a Doppelgänger Doll for all the people that I love. So I've started looking for "doll versions" of all my favorite people, both in my real life and also actresses or musicians I really love. My latest Madame Alexander doll rounded out a group I've been trying to complete... A group of girlfriends I've lunched with every week for years now. One of us is graduating college and I even found a graduation cap (borrowed from an obliging teddy bear from a thrift shop) 

Here are the four of us! I am the one on the far left. Then it's M, S and P, some of my dear friends. 

I am hoping to get lots more posts done in February than I did in January! That is my hope anyway... January through March are tough months though in that all I want to do is sleep when I am not working or acting grown up. Never fear though! Plenty of doll love still abounding here in the Doll House!! 

Till next time!!


  1. Dear Heather! You have an enormous idea bank.
    How could you make lots of events? Happy to see your Doppelgänger Doll for people you love.
    I also read your poems. So touched. Looking forward to more poems and doll stories.