Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another Boy Doll!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I've been having a harder time finding time to keep up with blog recently. Work has gotten much more busy and we are back to our normal schedules at church and there was Christmas decor to take down and naturally all the stuff that comes with having kids and being married... Even with getting up at 4:30AM everyday the hours still seem stretched thin! Boohoo! I know, it all means I am very blessed but it hasn't left much time for dolls! 

This morning I decided to remake a doll I found at a thrift store a while ago with express purpose of giving a makeover. 

Here he is:

All I really did was clean up the dolls limbs with a Norwex cloth and cut off all the hair and pop on a short wig. Lots of people reprint the eyebrows but I guess I am 1)too nervous I'll make them look like Groucho Marx and 2) I never really notice real little boys having a lot thicker brows than girls and so... I have mostly left them alone. Maybe I'll get brave eventually. Haha!  

Here are the "before" photos:

I got her for $3.99 at thrift store.

Her hair was main problem. I might could've salvaged it but I've been on a boy doll making kick lately... Trying to even out the ratio of boys and girls in the doll house! Because, no matter what pop culture would have you think, boys are pretty important too. Eh?

There was a slight stain on dolls back but it cleaned up a little bit with a Norwex cloth scrubbing. 

Here he is! I will have to think of a name. Thoughts?

I need to get a few more pairs of "boy" shoes! They don't make much variety but most boys wear sneakers all the time anyway. 

Well, better get ready for church! 
Till next time!


  1. I have finished looking over all your posts and I came to understand your project better. Fron now on, I will do my careful perusal at all of them. Since I got interested in studying English, I have enjoyed lots of movies and cartoon books. But I'd like to say your saying on posts is much more interesting and active.
    I also like naming him Thomas.

  2. New natural short hair wig is enough to make a boy. Perfet make over.

    1. Thanks so much! Your encouragement means so much! Now when I write my blog I almost feel like I am sitting down for a cup of coffee with you and chatting about dolls! Love it! Thanks for being so sweet. ❤️

  3. Oh! Heather, Where are you? Waiting for your new postings.

    1. Hi Frann!!! I've been crazy busy!! I've thought of you often! Like "oh, I have so much doll stuff to tell Frann and just haven't got time to get it photo'd and written!" Promise I will be better going forward! Posted a new one today. More soon. Have a great day beautiful friend!! Xoxox