Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Springfield Dolly

Hi Doll Friends!!

So last week I got a 50% off coupon in the mail from Micheal's... So last Thursday after work I stopped in... You know, just to look around and see what they had... Low and behold, they had a Springfield Madison Doll on the shelf! I've wanted to get a Madison for over a year but every time I'd stop in I either 1) didn't see her or 2) didn't have the money to spare at the time. Thursday night I happened to have $20 of Doll Mad Money and so, as you may imagine, Madison came home with me. How could I not buy her when she was only $13.20? 


When I first started collecting 18inch dolls, I kind of thought of Springfield dolls as inferior to other brands... Maybe it's because their hair quality is not really all that great. Or rather, the hair is ok but there's just not a lot of it. So the two Springfield dolls I own have both gotten wigs. They've both had a few different wigs actually before I finally found the "right" one and glued them on. One of them, Olivia, became my Kevin Doll and the other, Maria, renamed Gebhardt, new wig with braids and bangs and some new freckles. However, after collecting for a while now and comparing brands against one another based on price and quality, I've come to really respect the Springfield Doll line for what it is: good quality dolls and accessories for reasonable prices. Other than their hair (which, considering price point, isn't horrible, just thin) they really are pretty nifty dolls. So, I decided a while ago I'd get more Springfield dolls, with Madison being my first "next" wanted.   So I was stoked to finally find her!

When I got her home and out of the box I was distressed to find she had a "scar" on the tip of her nose! The boxes they package them in aren't all that sturdy and apparently her nose got crushed up against the front of her box and left a little "scar". I wasn't sure what I wanted to do...? When I find thrifted dolls they often have "scars" but it is because they've already been loved on, sometimes too much... But strait out of the box its harder to reconcile her already having a scar. On the other hand 1) I don't have time or opportunity to go to Micheal's all that often so returning her would be a big pain in production and 2) I kept thinking "what will they do with her?!" And coming back to that they'd likely 605 her! "605" is what Kmart used to call writing off broken or damaged merchandise when I worked there years ago and it stuck in my head. After they'd write it off, they'd throw it in the bin! Like, the trash! So, it pained me to know this little lady might end up there if I took her back just for the little scar on her nose. So I decided to keep her as is. It looks a little bit like a chicken pox scar and I know lots of people who have those. So, it'll just be an interesting detail in her pretty little face. 

I bought her with the intent of shearing off her hair and giving her a new wig since I still have two on the way to the house... However since the wigs weren't here yet I left it alone so I could take photos of her. During that process I kind of took a liking to how she looks with her original hair... so maybe she will keep it for a while? Who knows. I'm sure once I have wigs in hand and need a head to put them on, I might change my mind. We will see... LOL

Better run!

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  1. You said Michaels in the text, but showed a photograph of the Hobby Lobby doll display. And, the sticker on the box says Hobby Lobby. Thought you might like to know.....

  2. P.S.
    I love Springfield dolls, too. I have 10: all 5 of the previous style and all 5 of the current style.
    That's probably why I noticed the inaccuracy. I haven't seen Springfield dolls at Michaels since they introduced the Creatology dolls, with whose faces I don't quite seem to connect.

  3. Hi Dolly Friend!!
    I’m so sorry I didn’t respond! Sometimes I miss responding to comments in all the busy-ness! You are so right! It was Hobby Lobby! I’ll have to go change it!! Great to hear from you!