Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Girl For All Time Nisha Arrives At The Doll House!

Happy Sunday Doll Friends!

Look who arrived late this week....!

Nisha is here! She's is a "Girl For All Time Doll" and she is absolutely stunning! In fact, she's so beautiful and being as she was the first one I ever had, I didn't really pause too long while she was still in the box to take photos. I'll have to take a photo of the box later to show you what I looks like because I literally must've spaced off taking even one of her in the whole box... Ooops.

She was secured in with a few of these 'paper' strings... One at her forehead, two at her hands, one at her waist and one at her feet. 

Didn't take much at all to get her out of the box.

Here is the back of the box ties so you can see which manner I am speaking of. 

See, there's one around her right wrist.

And "She's outta the box!" Mommy & Gracie always say that and so now whenever I get a doll out of the box I hear Mommy saying it in my head. I love that show. So fun!

These photos aren't the greatest. I took them in the wee small hours of the morning. I can never get proper photography light at that time of the day because I don't want to wake the family. Still, you can see how beautiful she is!!

Her hair came in a hair net to keep it from being wild... I do like how I caputured her little profile in this photo. I'm going to have to play around with shadows in my doll photography in the future I think cos how neat!

I was/am a bit chagrined about one detail of little Miss Nisha. She had this small section of maybe 10 hairs that look like they've been cut too short to be bangs...? Kind of like when at little girl decides to trim her own bangs and holds the scissors right next to her head (and don't like 25% of all girls do that once in their life?) Can you see them in the photo. Not totally noticable unless you're looking for them... But on a $89.99 doll I don't think flaws are as easy to look over. What would ya'll do? I really don't want to bother with shipping her back but also am not happy she has a flaw. Or maybe that's how she's meant to be. I am a member of an "A Girl For All Time" group on Facebook and I plan to post a photo of same on there later today and see if all Nisha dolls come that way? My inclination, as always, when I get a doll with a 'defect' is to just keep her because people aren't perfect either. But I sure wouldn't mind a partial refund if that is not the way she's meant to be...? What are your thoughts? What would you do? I bought her from Amazon and not the AGFAT website... Hmmm...

In any case, other than her little hair flaw, she's so pretty!!

The nice thing about AGFAT dolls is that they are more poseable than other dolls in this size range for the most part. She can bend at both of her elbows and at her knees. So she can make neat poses like how she is doing little pirouette arms here. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with her as a model for doll photography! Her elbow joints are pretty easy to bend but her knee joints? They are pretty stiff and so much so that I am too timid to try and bend them fully. So again, I plan to ask the 'experts' at the AGFAT group on Facebook to see if that is normal...?

AGFAT dolls, at 16inches, are in the middle of the size range I generally collect. My tallest dolls are my Maru & Friends dolls and my one Karito Kids doll that you can see in this post. Then my shortest dolls, besides the babies, are the 14 inch variety like my Hearts For Hearts, Wellie Wishers, Glitter Girls or Bumbleberry dolls (among others... Teehee) My Famosa Nancy dolls are also 16inches tall and my Battat Little Friends are 15inches... So Nisha will fit right in! She'll probably be able to share clothes with a few of them. 

I need to take better photos of her, probably even some 'nudes' so I can show you how her body is constructed. She's all vinyl and even has a belly button (great touch AGFAT!) so I'll have to come back and do that soon. I have realized recently, since doing the updates to my My Collection So Far posts that I have a few dolls I need to get a more proper 'review' posted... So many doll projects I want to do and so little time! Ah well, sign of a good hobby, that. Right? 

Better run! I'll have to come back later to do a side by side photo so I can show you what I mean but I plan to re-name little Miss Nisha. She will be called Mia Sara after one of my favorite actresses when I was a teenager, Ferris Bueller's Day Off being the best one. Have you seen that movie? Such a good one. I've become one of those old fuddy duddys that think that there really isn't any good movies made anymore.... But when you compare the 'formula' movies they produce like cookie cutter cookies nowadays to some of the great movies 20-40 years ago, well.... It's not my fault I have taste. Hahaha. **Disclaimer: There are good some movies nowadays, just less and less often. Teehee.

Gotta run if I am gonna make it to church on time. Can you believe it snowed all night? Did it where you are?

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  1. Nisha is so pretty, and her outfit is so cute! BTW, there is a nice review of AGFAT at The Toybox Philosopher' blog. How you find time to take such nice photos in addition to working, church, homemaking, etc., strikes me as miraculous all by itself. Whew! Glad everybody is doing better now! Dana