Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sophia's 18inch Doll Grocery Basket Accessories Set!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Boy, does Amazon ever have my number or what? I am shopping for some perfectly grown up and responsible item and ready to ring up... And then Amazon says "Hey, did you see this cute new doll accessory (or outfit or doll itself or or or)?" and before I know it, it's 'added to cart' and on the way to my house. Clever Amazon. Clever. Case in point? This really adorable Sophia's Grocery Basket I just got in the mail the other day...

I'm not sure if it something new from Sophia's or if I've just never seen it before but it really is pretty adorable. It is only $7.95 snd would make a cute gift for any doll loving person you might know.... Even if that person is yourself. Teehee. I am as bad as Amazon!! 

Here's what it looks like in the packaging. 

It reminds me a lot of Walmart's Grocery Basket in price and size. I like this one because it has lots of 'exotic' fruit and more veggies so I think owning both isn't 'overkill'. Which is good because I think I have two of the Walmart variety. (Don't judge! One was a gift! Hahaha!)

The fruits and veggies remind me of the old fashioned 1970's plastic fruit people used to keep on their tables... It's hollow and the stems are all 'removable'. They could be crushed by an overzelous child and might present choking hazards to younger siblings in the house... In fact when I put this banana in Pamela Doll's hand, it left little dents where her fingers were 'holding it'. All that being said, they are really cute and realistic looking. 

The peach even has fuzz on it! So cute!!

I love the starfruit and the peppers! There's even an eggplant! How fun!

The cardboard box items are also very 'crushable'. If I were going to be giving this to a child I'd probably stuff them with cotton balls and reinforce them with packing tape to make them more sturdy... For an adult collector like me they are perfect as is for doll photos. 

There is a clear plastic insert to hold the groceries up when they are in packaging and as you can see in this photo, there is a package of silica gel you'll want to make sure you remove before you hand it over to the kiddoes. 

All in all a cute set. I need to make a 'grocery store' or a 'farmers market' scene sometime soon. That would be fun! 

Better run! Time always flies in the morning!
Have a fantastic day!

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