Sunday, February 14, 2016

Doll Rack From Gladiator Garage Storage Systems

Hello Doll Friends!

When it comes to dolls, I've found that some of the best ideas come from other doll collectors... Who else to glean them from than other people who love dolls!

Case in point? My doll rack. I got the idea from a Facebook Doll Group member about a year ago. I thought I'd written a blog post about it then but I can't seem to find one. Perhaps because it wasn't my idea, I felt I shouldn't share? I dunno. Wish I could find original idea sharing person and I would totally give them credit. Alas, I can't recall? So if it was you, holler and I'll totally shout to the world who you are! Meantime, the doll rack...

Here are my doll racks. They are mounted at top of stairs leading to my bedroom suite where one end is my doll space. They really are awesome. You can hold seven 18" dolls on each one if you put them pretty close together. The one who I got idea from did six but I think she had twelve dolls (at the time... They tend to miltiply!). I have so many dolls I need as many to fit as possible though! Haha!

Here are a couple of panorama photos of all seven of each doll. I re-dressed all of these particular dolls for upcoming blog posts. (Sneak peek!) The top rack has dolls all ready for a slumber party! 

The bottom rack had dolls all modeling my one penny eBay find dresses... Finally got them all on models, need to get photo shoot done! I need a clone to come do my real job so I can play dolls all day...! Haha. 

Anyway, so I posted the photo on top up there on a doll group on Facebook. Had someone ask me about how to make it... Realized this question might come again and instead of writing same thing on comments every time, figured I'd do a blog post. All you need are the following:

These Gladiator Slatwall strips are what you attach to the wall. At my Lowe's they were about $15 if I recall correctly...

Here is the trick! So clever of the original idea person! The hooks are NOT MADE FOR the hook strip. They are made for peg boards. They will work on the Gladiator thing... Mind you, they are REALLY tight when you first put them in but they loosen up as you put them on. Each package has four pegs so for a seven doll rack, you'll need four packages. Seems like they were $2/pkg or so. 

As you can see, the hooks go out enough to hold the dolls on well under their arms and have little rubber feet to protect them. 

Note: the last time I tried to make one, the pegs I bought didn't work as well... See how I have a Gladiator strip a little lower on stairs in first photo? Well, it's cos the little tail of the hook wouldn't fit this time and we compared the hooks to older ones and it looks like it was a factory manufacturing error. Just a caveat! My husband is gonna fix the pegs by grinding down the too long part but not everyone has a husband who has tools for such things. Perhaps try you pegs out in store to be sure they fit and then purchase them. 

So... That's it for now.
Chat soon!


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  1. What a good itea!!!
    Play dolls cannot stand straightly, but storage rack makes them stand well. Their various outfits meke my eyes happy.