Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dollie Needs A New Pair Of Shoes! Ten Pair Set by Lotus

Hello Doll Friends!

So I was browsing Amazon the other day... Searching under "18inch doll accessories"... When what do I see but this:

Ten pairs of doll shoes for $25!?! The normal price is listed as $50 so they were half off! (Not sure if "sale" price is all the time or not?)

Pretty simple packaging. 

Manufactured by Lotus. I have two dolls by them!

Here are Crystal and Poppi wearing the sling backed flats. I only had time to take a few photos after opening package. There are a couple of different shoe sizes in package. Some fit Journey Girl slim feet and some fit American Girl or Our Generation doll feet or somewhere in between like these two little ladies.

The little garden clogs looked great with Seane's yoga outfit!

More soon on the other pairs! Hopefully we will get some sunny weather today and I can get some outdoor photos!

In a totally unrelated story, Alejandra has been really enjoying babysitting the baby dolls since she arrived. She saw me snapping photos of the girls in new shoes and asked me to snap a few of her with her favorite babies!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

1 comment:

  1. Good deal!!
    In Korea, there are lots of doll friends selling clothes and shoes. Their quality is so good that I wanted to make them myself once. So I have purchased shoes material from Pintrest. Unfortunately I haven't started anything with it. To make somthing needs time and patience.
    You had good job. Beautiful shoes.