Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photos By Request For Frann

Hi Doll Friends!

February generally sucks the life out of me... Every year I forget how much it affects me until I get round to it again. Am sure I haven't mentioned it before here but I was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD about five years ago after stuffering from their effects most of my life. It was good, being diagnosed, because it's helped me to figure out why I have struggled and helped me start to heal. Mostly I consider myself in "remission". However, February is a tough month for it for some reason. It's the same month I went into the hospital for it four years ago this month... So... My point is, February isn't really my month. 

All that being said, the sunny days, when they come, help lift my spirits out of the pits. Today, it is sunny! So, I remembered Frann requesting I take more sunny naturally lit photos and decided to take a few dolls out and take some! So, my beautiful friend Frann, here are some photos just for you!

The group. From left to right by type/brand: Our Generation, Tolly Tot, Our Gen, HeartsForHearts, Kmart brand doll (can't think name?) American Girl and Famosa Nancy. 

And playing with filters:

Here you can see the shadow of my hands and more of the porch of my house.

That's it for now friends!
Till next time!

1 comment:

  1. My dear Doll Friend, Heather,
    Very thank you for taking pictures outside.
    They also look happy to go out with you.
    We, Korean, usually live in an apartment, instead of a detached house.
    I live in outskirt of Seoul.
    Seoul is a big city where the population is over ten million, so it is common to live in big apartment.
    My dream is to live in a detached house having a garden.
    If possible, could you let me know what state you live?
    I am sure it is not Alaska and Hawaii.