Friday, February 5, 2016

ToysRUs Sale on Journey Girl Dolls!

Hi Doll Friends!

Ok, clearly I need to just hide my debit card or something. I can't seem to stop buying dolls. In my defense, since we moved to a town with only one (and thank heavens for it!) small thrift shop in town that is only open three days a week, I've stopped going to them much at all. Which means my "mad money" isn't being spent in nicked and dimes at them. Which means I have more money to buy new dolls. So, really, not a bad trade off, right? Heeheehee. Why do I say all that? Well...

ToysRUs had an online sale on their Journey Girl line of 18" dolls and accessories. It was for 25% off! A good sale! I have three Journey Girls already, two I got new and one for like $3 at a thrift store. I love all of them in the line though and especially grew fond is this beauty:

So I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy her until they put them on sale. One danger of being back on Facebook is I am in a lot of doll groups and they always know about sales... And share that information. Haha!

I love her! Given that the actual American Girl Doll outfits cost more than she did... They are generally around $34 and Miss Mikaella was only $32 shipped, I can't go wrong. Look at me, the justification expert!! LOL

"I had to buy that doll! If I didn't, MY doll would be living in some STRANGERS house!" Right? Heehee.

Didn't get photos taken after I got her out of the box last night... Got carried away on real life duties. I'll get some soon! I have about five dolls I need to "review"... I generally don't do in depth reviews if I can find a detailed review of same doll elsewhere. Why reinvent the wheel? But I do like to add my two cents about them... 

My goals include eventually getting back to doll photography and sewing for them again... I want to try outdoor photos this Spring, for instance... I guess it's good to always have something "To-Do" in your hobby, eh? Keeps you excited and eager to find or make time to play! 

Speaking of time, out of it for now...
Till next time!

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  1. Thank you for your reporting a new doll.
    I have also bought three 18inch dolls and they are on the way to my place.
    Expecting them.
    There is a ToysRUs next to the hair salon that I go to, so I visited it many times.
    Unfortunately, there are only Barbie and domestic dolls.
    I will look for Journey Girl online shop like you.