Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Doll Body Transplant and Makeover! Part One

Hi Doll Friends,

So this happened a few weeks ago... I keep meaning to get back to finish up the photos for it of the 'after' but I have decided it will just have to be a two parter... I have decided to re-wig the doll body recipient with a wig that is on the way and so I'll just post her 'after' photo in that one. Sound good? In the meantime...

I found another Our Generation Doll at a thrift store...

I've basically decided to always buy dolls I find if they are in decent shape... I love doing 'custom' doll so much that having a donor body on hand will never be a bad idea. As it is, I have so many dolls on the 'body donor list' that I won't have one 'on hand' for a while... Haha.

For the price of a fast food burger, how can I not buy them? Right?

You may recall when I got four Engel Puppe German Dolls for an amazing price on eBay last year... I love love love their adorable face sculpts! Their bodies, however, not so much... I mean I love the sculpts on the hands and feet but as you can see, they are soft bodied dolls. This manner of dolls never see's much 'play' in the doll house because they look awkward in clothes and can't pose well at all. So... I determined around the time I did my first doll body transplant that I would switch them all out as I found second hand doll bodies to do so. This is the third one I've transplanted, I only have the boy doll left now to go and he will be the recipient of the next doll body I find. 

As you can see, the donor doll's hair was a total mess... Naturally I didn't waste any time trying to fix it because I wasn't going to keep her once I gave her the other body. I donate all the donor body dolls (the head with the other doll body attached) to Goodwill. I figure maybe someone out there could use them for something? Right? Maybe they like more 'snuggly' dolls? 

So here they are 'post-op'! In case you missed the prior posts on this procedure you here is a link to one that has, if I recall correctly, links to most of the others. I've kind of lost track at this point how many I've done body transplants on... I'll have to gather them all together and take a group photo of all my custom dolls soon. I mentioned I have a wig on the way for this one... I bought a few wigs recently with thoughts of custom dolls. I really don't care fot the wig on this doll because 1) it has come 'loose' on the scalp where it's come unglued and so it's wibbly and weird when you try and brus her hair and 2) it's a very dated style, like a 1980s mullet or something? So she is getting a cute chin length bob with bangs as soon as it arrives. So stay tuned for that soon. She is gonna look so adorable!

On that note, I am super excited about another few wigs coming and am sure I'll go into full on 'doll makeover mode' when they arrive. I have decided to make a doll doppelganger of one of my favorite movie characters from when I was a girl and her wig is on the way... I hope she turns out the way I want her to!! I'll give you a hint as to who she will be: She has red hair has had a 'hard knock life'. Who do you suppose that is? 

Gotta run!
Till next time!

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  1. You have such a good hands to give a makeover to dolls. She is adorable to have a new body.