Sunday, November 13, 2016

Carpatina Heterochromia Twins Arrive At Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

First, before we start and before anyone gets upset by the title of this blog, lets tell you what heterochromia means. It's defined as:

heterochromia het·er·o·chro·mi·a (hět'ə-rō-krō'mē-ə) 
A difference in coloration in two structures or two parts of the samestructure that are normally alike in color.

Most often it happens in eye color... With that gotten out of the way...

Look at who arrived in the mail today!  I love them! I've always wanted a heterochromatic doll and have always wanted a Carpatina doll as well!

I also love twin dolls so I have a duplicate to send to my best doll friend friend Frann! (Hi Frann!) 

So how did I happen to get two? I have always wanted a Carpatina doll but at $100ish I never had taken the plunge. Then when on Etsy the other day I saw these beauties being sold as "liquidation" because of the very thing I love them for, their heterochromatic eyes!! 

 Both of them were only $39.99! (Plus shipping) They were part of what I bought with my birthday money and I am so utterly stoked to have found them!!

After looking them over I realized two things. The first is that their body type is basically identical in every way to my Just Pretend Dolls and upon realizing that, I realized I'd never gotten back to even give a proper 'review' of the Just Pretend dolls last year after I got them! About a month after I got them we decided we were moving and I packed up 90% of my doll stuff to be put in storage (oh, that was a long six months!). We've been moved over a year now and I realize I never got a post about them done! So... It'll be one of my new blog posts coming up where I review both together, stay tuned for that! In the meantime though, back to the new girlies!

They arrived in one of the fancy Carpatina boxes... Which I thought was great given they were 'liquidation' dolls! Now I don't know how many 'sets' she has but I just checked and it appears there is at least one of these sets still there for sale. here is the link to find it. 

See, they were snuggled together like twins in a womb... Which is sweet because I consider them twins myself. 

They were perfect in every way!! Other than their eye colors being different they were in perfect pristine shape... Considering Carpatina Diya normally sells for $98, I still can't believe I got two of her for half less than half that! (Well, with shipping it was about $67 total but still a steal!!) 

I think they are so beautiful! As you can see, the degree of variance of eye color is a bit different between the two of them. The one on the left is more drastic.. The one on the right is so subtle you can almost not even notice it unless you're looking for it. I am going to keep the one with the more drastic difference and send the other to Frann. She's already said she is excited that she is coming to live with her!! One more set of twins for us to share... I love it. 

Sorry for the partially nude shots but this is how they came out of the box...

I dressed them in twin dresses and even gave them handbags alike... Frann had just told me that she wanted to give me a handbag for Christmas and it was just too perfect to give the twin dollies handbags that were the same too. Not to mention, these doll sized bags were a gift from Frann and they match a 'real sized' bag she sent along with them. So they are some of my favorite doll accessories! 


I've decided that, unlike how I most often re-name dollies who come to live in the doll house, in this instance, I really love the name Diya and will let her keep it as a name. It means 'light' in sanskrit and being that I love to practice yoga it seemed perfect! 

I don't know if Frann will rename her's or not... I'll have to ask her.

So before one sister got ready for the long trip to Frann's house, they decided to go to the Sweet Shoppe for one last fun outting...

"I think I'll get a sucker to take on the plane with me!" 

"This drink looks amazing!"

Rose was happy to wait on the sisters and wished them good luck after they told her their story. 

They talked excitedly about what life will be like in Korea and how they'd have to be pen pals so they could live vicariously through one another's adventures! 

All too soon it was time to get ready to go...

I carefully packed Frann's twin into the box....

They were sad to say goodbye to one another but know they'll be able to FaceTime anytime they want and so aren't really too sad. 

Have a safe trip sister!!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till Next Time!

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