Sunday, November 13, 2016

Latest Thrift Store Finds For Doll House

Hi Doll Friends!!

Just a quick post to show you what I got at the local Thrift Shoppe on Friday...


Lots of great stuff!! 

1) A tree topper for the dolls Christmas tree this year, brand new, for only $1.00
2) A couple of Christmas Stockings for 25c each
3) A set of pewter figurines for $2.00
4) A set of 12 doll sized lace doilies for $1.00!!
5) A doll sized Christmas Quilt (was wallhanging) for $2.00
6) A set of flocked doll sized toy horses for Saige for $1.00!
7) A doll sized frying pan (ornament) for $1.00 
8) A set of wooden holiday plaques with velcro on back for $1.00
9) A vintage suitcase for $4 (to hold my dolls handbags)
10) A Christmas pillow for doll couch that says "Joy" for 25c

Not a bad haul! 

Look how great the doilies look under the cookie jars (above)!

This case will be perfect to hold all our many handbags and accessories! 

So always look closely at your local thrift stores! You never know what you might find!! 

Till next time!

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