Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Hi Doll Friends!

All this past summer I was determined to find a Doll House sized tree for the doll house at a thrift store or garage sale... In prior years, when I wasn't really looking for one, I seem to recall seeing them all the time! Alas, when I decide to look for one, it was a total bust. A few times I did see them but they were used and 2/3rds of the price I imagined I'd be able to find one new for if I waited until Christmas time. So, I waited...

What feels like a blink later, Christmas is just around the corner. So what do you suppose showed up in Walmart about the day after Halloween? That's right! Christmas decorations!  I am not even kidding. So when they got them all up at my regularly visited Walmart, I went looking for a tree. Sure enough, I was right. A new 24inch tree was $9.99 and every (somewhat shabby and dusty looking) tree I'd seen all summer was at least $6 or so and so I was right to wait. 

It's perfect! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's pre-lit because I always hear people talking about how thier pre-lit trees only last a few years before the lights stop working... However, it's pretty standard in the artificial tree market and so I had to buy what was available. From what I understand, you can, with a bit of work, remove the lights if/when they malfunction so I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right?

Here we have Katie Doll looking at the tree after she dragged out the big bin of Christmas decorations I've been finding and putting away all year... So exciting!

The tree came pre-lit with clear/white lights. In my 'real' house, my husband and I have differing preferences about lights on trees. He likes the traditional multi colored lights and I like the clear/white ones. Since the Doll House is kind of 'my' preferences, I chose the tree with clear lights. However, wanting to make it pretty for Josh too, I found a string of colored 'lights' that don't light up but look pretty. So Katie Doll strung those on first and then set in to putting on the many ornaments!

These little pink hearts are so adorable!! I love 'variety' in ornaments on my Christmas tree's. Some people prefer just the traditional glass globes but I like all manner of different ornaments...

Along with the traditional glass balls... Katie put those on last, trying to find a good balance of ornaments all over the tree...

When she opened up the box of glass balls, she realized they didn't have any hooks or strings to hold them on the tree! Phooey! So, Katie had to take an overnight pause in decorating until she could go to the store and get some proper hooks. 

She decided to turn on the lights mid way to see how it was looking... Pretty! I love Christmast lights!! Don't you?

The next day, after getting the hooks for the glass balls, Katied Doll and Lilly Doll finished decorating the tree. They had so much fun doing it that they totally forgot to take photos of the 'during' part! Oh well... Isn't it beautiful!!?

While out shopping for the hooks, we happened upon a Craft Fair at a local high school... They had all manner of cute stuff but my favorite thing was this adorable doll sized stocking!!

Sadly I only bought one because I wasn't entirely sure it'd be the right size? (They are made as gift card holders) But when I brought it home I decided it was perfect!! Stockings in my 'real' house run on the really large size (you have to have enough room for Santa to leave you all manner of goodies, right?) so the size really is spot on I think. I was kicking myself for not buying at least five of them so I'd have one for my favorite dollies... When low and behold I found the crafters card inside the stocking. Clever!!! I found her Etsy Shoppe and wrote her a note and asked if I could get more... I also asked if she'd ever thought to market them to the doll loving crowd? She thought that was a good idea... So she's posting a listing for them!! She hasn't gotten it up yet but Tiffany's Crochet Shop is where she is in case you want to contact her about them and order one for your special Dolly for Christmas. I plan to come back with a bit better 'review' when I can lay my hands on a few more of them (well, at least a post about just them...!) So stay tuned for that!

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!
Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? I must report that in my 'real' house the tree usually goes up a bit later... Around December 6th. That was always the tradition in my husbands house and we have kept it since we got married. 

Till next time!


  1. Hello...Just wanted to let you know that the Dollar Store has 18 inch trees and they are NOT pre-lit (Yay!)...I have my dolls set up in a camper habitat, lol and bought 3 of them so they'd have some trees at their "campsite"...we will be decorating at least one of them for Christmas.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the tip!! I will totally stop by there tomorrow when I go into town!! I love your idea of buying extras to make an outdoor scene too!!! Would love to see pictures! :)