Monday, July 3, 2017

Heartland Doll Tea Parties Seat For Your Doll!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've been recently telling you about my exciting project, the Heartland Doll Tea Parties at TheTreasureTrove that are coming up next month. I described what the seat for the Dolly Guests would be like but I hadn't taken a photo to show you what they'd look like at the actual tea. So, I took some photos at the Treasure Trove this weekend to show you where Dolly will sit if you come join us for tea! I do so hope to see you there!

Here we have Snow, my most recent custom doll, modeling a Dolly Chair like the ones that will be at the Tea Parties in the Tea Room of The Treasure Trove. As you can see, she has a chair next to her for her Doll Friend (that would be you, dear reader, should you choose to attend) to sit in. 

While these are not the exact dishes she'll have at the Tea Parties (I forgot to bring a set with me!) they are a few of the tea accessories that are sold at The Treasure Trove. So Snow decided to model them for you as well. 

Such lovely ambiance in the Tea Room, the perfect place to settle in for a nice cuppa! When you're all done with tea, finger sandwiches and petit fours, you and your Dolly get to play for an hour in the Heartland Doll House

I decided to show a few of the other cute tea sets that were for sale at the store. This one is so pretty!!

This one is a bit on the big side for Dollies but as a set for a little girl and her friends it would be the Bee's Knees!

There is a wall of hats at the Treasure Trove that guests at Tea Events borrow to wear for tea. Aren't they clever!?

More cute tea sets...!

So I hope you're able to come out for one of the Tea Parties with your special Dolly! We'd love to see you there!

Better run!


  1. It's the weirdest thing, Heather, but I'm positive that the last photo shows a tea set my Mom recently gave to our son. It was a shower gift to my parents 62 years ago! It's never been used. I'm storing it, and meant to take a photo. If it's the same, I'll post it on FB.

    1. You mean the one with the pretty rosebuds!? What a small world!! That has been a favorite of mine at the Treasure Trove for a while now because I had the exact same tea set from my own mother for years and years. I didn't have nearly as many pieces but I loved it. Sadly mine got lost in one of my many cross country moves along the way somewhere. But that tea set was one of things that made me love tea parties with dollies! :)

  2. Yes, the one with the pink rosebuds. I have to dig the set out of a box. I might try doing it today.