Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another My Life As Doll Vet Set Review

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Walmart's "My Life As Doll" line has become one of my favorites because they are afforable and seem to get cuter as they go along. A while ago I got a Vet set on clearance because they'd made a different one. The newer one was also very cute and I said in that post at the time that I'd likely buy the other one at some point. Well... I did buy it. Months ago, I can't even recall when, and then put it in a closet to review 'sometime soon' and it got kind of forgotten about. Ooops. 

So I come here to tell you about it even though, it would appear, the only way to find it is on eBay or other second hand market sources.

Here is the set in it's package. As you can see, it comes with a paw shaped 1) Vet bag (kind of lame I thought, they could've actually made it shaped like an old school Doctor bag and it would've been loads cuter. Right?). It also has 2) an 'Xray' of a dog, 3) a 'canine breeds' poster (both made of cardboard), 4) a roll of bandage (like an ace bandage with velcro closure), 5) a clip board (that doesn't actually work), 6) a patient chart, 7) a puppy bottle, 8) four dog treats/bones, 9) a jar to store them in, 10) a 'cone of shame' (really nice, made of plastic with velcro closures), 11) a 'hypodermic needle' (which is super cool cos it's little plunger actually works), 12) some band-aid stickers and 13) a stethoscope that has a button you can push and it sounds like heartbeats. 

I actually pulled the set out and was in middle of the review shots when I found the ATM the other day. It made me giggle to put the ATM in the Vet Clinic at the time because oftentimes you need an ATM at the Vets office. Because it can get expensive! Am I right?!

So here we have Spectrum as a vet examining Kristi's pet dog. 

I couldn't get the stethoscope to stay on her ears properly at all and they didn't really want to hang around her neck like a lot of nurses have their either. 

I was able to put them on her if I held them there (I am holding the bottom part of the stethoscope, out of the photo) but otherwise, no dice. In this photo (above) you can see the hypoermic needle from the other vet set on the table in the background. The one in this set is much more realistic looking!

Still pretty cute. As I mentioned, the 'clip board' it came with doesn't actually work. How weird. So I had this little white clip in the doll house and used it to clip the patient chart to the clip board. 

So it's a pretty cute set, I think, for the regular price I paid for it (about $8.00) but the prices I saw on eBay and whatnot, I wouldn't think it was worth that. But that's just me... If you're looking for a vet set and want all these items, it might be to you! 

Here is the little dog with the 'cone of shame' on. So cute!

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. Haha. Right. Vet offices need ATM machine. Having a puppy means as much money as having a baby. Haha it is a joking that my friend often tells to me. Cute set and a cute black puppy!

    1. Thanks! I like the little black puppy too. I got him (you probably guessed this already) second hand somewhere...? It's too true that pets can be expensive! But so can anything that means something to you I suppose, eh? Chat soon! <3

  2. Very cute set-up, Heather! Love it. We have a 16 year old JRT and she has cost a lot of money but also a lot of joy!

    1. Thanks! Indeed, our dog is a member of family and I wouldn't have it any other way. But they can get expensive! Like I said to Frann (in comment above) so can anything that means something to you, eh? :)