Thursday, July 6, 2017

American Girl Doll Sized ATM Thrift Store Find!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
So, I've been meaning to make an ATM for the dolls ever since I saw a tutorial on how to make one on YouTube. It hadn't ever made it off my 'To Do' list but I had printed the printables for it. 

Then, the other day when I stopped by Goodwill, what did I see but.... 

This little doll sized ATM!! How cute!! 

Obviously it was made as a 'bank' and was a little on short side for the dolls... 

So I just set it on a doll sized filing cabinet I'd found at a thrift store a long time ago and.... 

Perfect!!! Isn't it cute?! Not bad for 99cents!

These are a few more of my recent thrifty finds... Can never have too many books! Isn't the little frame with the cat photo adorable? I am going to change the photo obviously... The little crab is going to be so cute in a future beach scene!!

These little dishes are so pretty! I think they'll make cute serving dishes for dollies. 

This little black mirrored box just screamed 'coffee table' to me... It's a bit short but if I give it feet it'll be perfect.

Then there is the stuff I left behind.....

This is the second time I've seen and passed up a cute little popcorn cart. If I had endless space I'd so have brought it home. Just seeing the photo makes me have a tinge of regret because it's SO CUTE. But... Enough is enough, right? It's pretty big and even though it'd be adorable in doll scenes, I only have so much space to store dolly items. 

Then this dolly is totally unrelated to 18inch dolls and I wasn't really tempted to buy her... But she's just so cute!! So I had to snap a photo. 

Better run!
Till next time!!


  1. Well, I just have to post again...your dolly items are so adorable. It's amazing what you find. The black box with the design really intrigues me, and I saw a similar design on an old floor at the Victoria and Albert childhood museum in London in May. I'm going to post it on your FB page as I can't post photos here in comments. It's exactly the same design!

    1. I can't recall if I ever answered you over at Facebook. The last week and a half has been MAD busy in the 'non-doll' parts of my life and so I am behind on all things doll. I saw your photos and I think you're spot on about it being same design! I actually found some perfectly sized wood beads at a G Sale this weekend that are going to be the 'feet' for the table once I get them painted. FUN!! Chat soon! Off to try and get a little blog post finished before I get my 'non-doll' life started this morning. LOL <3

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. Sometimes I feel like I am too busy! Oy! Always behind on comments! Thanks for leaving them, they always make me smile. I just never try to answer them from my phone because I get frustrated. (Some things are so much easier to do on a computer!)

  3. I agree that replying to posts is quite difficult. I never know when anyone has left a comment on my blog! I'm always in a state of limbo. lol