Sunday, July 23, 2017

Thrifted Our Generation Horse And Dresser!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So... I know I don't need another horse for the Doll House because I already have three of the large ones and four ponies and one mid sized... But...

I also have a weakness for white horses because of 'The Last Unicorn" movie that came out when I was a teen. I know. I am a geek. 

Plus this one had this cool 'circus' blanket and.... 

Was only $3.99 and I figured the cool horse blanket and reigns were worth that even if I don't end up keeping the horse. (Because space!!) 

I also got a few other items. I went back to that one thrift store that had the pretty Japanese Dragon Cups and Vases thinking perhaps I'd buy a few more if they had them still. Well, they only had two items left, one cup and one tea pot. So I bought them both because they really are very pretty! I also go the pretty plates, the crystal vase (with cute chicks around the base, so cute!!), the horn (which is a Christmas ornament in 'real life) and the saki cups that I plan to use as saimen bowls in the Doll House. I am pretty sure the guy at Goodwill was scandalized that I bought the cups and not the Saki Pitcher that went with it. He asked me if I'd seen it and I said yes but I didn't need it. Pretty sure he thought was weird at that point but oh well. 

See? Here is the set all together. I thought about buying the pitcher as a vase but it wasn't all that pretty and so I just left it there. 

I saw this Our Generation doll in the cart they bring stock out in from the back. I picked her up to look at her because her outfit was cute but they had her marked $7.99! Ha! As if. A brand new one can be gotten for about $25 on sale sometimes so that is ambitious of them. I wonder how long it'll be before she's purchased. Poor dear. 

I also saw these benches. I was sort of tempted to buy the one on the right even though I already have one that you can see in this post. After picking it up though I realized it had a flaw on the back right side where the wood looks like it was broken and then glued. So... Since I already had one and it was marked $3.99, I left it there. 

This dresser tempted me because it's so cute but it was marked $5.99 and I have lots of doll dressers already. 

These two wood shelves caught my eye. I even picked them up. When I look at them, I see doll chairs!

You'd just have to remove the side hardware and add some dowl's for legs. I might have even tried said project but I am over run with doll chairs in the Doll House and so I didn't buy them. Still it was  a fun idea. 

Pretty doll baby!! Had to snap a photo of her.

Saw this whole bag of Build-A-Bear clothes which might've once tempted me because you can Build A Bear clothes for the dolls if you modify them a bit. However, I have so many doll clothes I passed on them. 

This was cute! A little closet for doll clothes. I have a huge Doll Closet  as well as a beautiful wardrobe I got from my wonderful friend Frann and so don't need one. It would be great for a little girl though. It's the Disney Princess and Me Wardrobe but it was filled up with American Girl Doll hangers. 

Not a bad price for it! 

Especially for the hangers. I could've probably bought the whole thing and sold just the hangers on eBay and gotten more than I spent but... That would require me to be much less of a lazy eBayer than I am. Haha. Also, if I started buying doll items with the idea of re-sale, my house could be taken over pretty quickly with 'inventory' that might never get sold. Can't have that. Not to mench, that would start to turn my little hobby into a job and... Well, I don't want that either. Right? Or I suppose I don't. LOL 

This whole cart of really pretty wooden boxes and animals caught my eye. They were so pretty!! But... I didn't need any of them so I bravely walked away without any. Proud? Later I thought that one of the little compartment boxes might've been cute on the back of a doll desk but I am sure they are all gone by now... Hindsight is harsh when it comes to thrift shops. Haha.

Cute gift boxes!! I didn't get them because I have plenty but... Cute!

Doll sized jars... Cute right? I didn't buy them though because, again, space is always an issue. 

I did find something I couldn't pass up though. This cute dresser/or sideboard. It was only $3.99 and I love the folksy paint on it. Not sure what it'll end up being used for in the Doll House but it's super pretty!

Better run and get ready for church!
Till Next Time!


  1. You did good job. I guess it is not east pass away from such cute items. Haha.

    1. Thanks! It isn't easy at all! They are so neat and usually so inexpensive! Haha. But I have to keep reminding myself of what I already have at home and remember I only have so much space! Teehee. Hard to do when you're standing there looking at the neat item and have the cash in your purse though. Still, I can't stop myself from looking! Hahaha.