Sunday, July 9, 2017

Shuri Gets A Makeover!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As I mentioned in a recent post about Snowflake, I recently ordered yet another wig from Beautifully Custom because they put one I thought was beautiful on sale for $27.00 shipped. I wasn't even sure exactly which doll I would use this wig for, I only knew I thought it was gorgeous! As per usual, the wig arrived pretty quickly in the mail. I got it a few days ago but it's been a crazy busy week in the 'non-doll' part of my life and so I am only now getting here to tell you about it. 

Here is the wig on Shuri, the Madame Alexander that was the second one my daughter ever got. When I got it in the mail, all of the sudden I knew who it would be for. I've wanted to re-wig Shuri for a long time... Naturally, since she was my daughter's second 18inch doll, she is very special to me. My daughter gave her and Calla to me as a gift when she 'outgrew' them. 

Since Shuri was one of her first 18inch dolls that was given to her when she was 4 years old, let's just say that she was played with quite a lot. I didn't really know all that much about dolls and the proper way to care for them. For instance, her hair was often brushed with same brushes used by my daughter or me and I didn't have any idea that's not a good idea. People have natural oils in their hair and oftentimes styling products as well, that get on thier hair brushes. Which is actually good for human hair. For doll hair though, not so good. The oils or products get in the dolls hair and makes it get dirtier even faster than it otherwise might. I also didn't even know there was such a thing as a wig brush much less how big a difference it would make in my dolls hair if I used one. I actually didn't have one until I bought a Hanger and Brush set from Sophia Dolls in December of 2015. (I think? I didn't post that blog post until months after I bought it as I recall...) So, I highly recommend getting a wig brush or two that are only used on your doll's hair. I bought a second one at Sally's Beauty Supply I think since I have so much doll hair to brush. Haha. 

Here is Shuri just before her makeover. She is really a pretty doll even though I have to admit I always found her hair color a bit strange. Almost pink instead of red? I wasn't sure I wanted to make her over into an actual red-head or not because I already have quite a few in my collection and I wanted something 'special'. 

When I got the wig I knew it was practically made for Shuri! It's got pinks and yellows and oranges! Kind of like her original hair but more 'special'.

Beautifully Custom wigs are so gorgeous!!

I loved it immediately! So utterly adorable!! Right? 

I love her. I haven't gotten it glued down yet but it's definately going to be because I think it's perfect. 

Can't wait to get her outside to take some better photos!

Maybe later today after church I will get a chance. Speaking of, I better go get ready if I am going to make it there on time! Have a terrific Sunday!


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