Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Random Doll Ramblings

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Do you ever have seasons of your life where you feel like no matter how 'fast you run' you can't seem to keep up with all the 'things' in your life that need doing? For some reason, that has been me latley. I feel like I run run run just as fast as I can but still hardly make a dent in the 'To Do' list I have in my head. I guess that's a good thing? I read a quote once that went something like "The key to happiness is to have just a little bit more to do every day than you can get done..." And by that measure, I should be ecstatic, right? Hahaha. I tried to find the quote but obviously only recall a very loose paraphrase. Maybe you've heard saying before and know the source. 

In any case, one area I feel like I have not been keeping up to what I want to get done is my blog posts. I think when I started to get ready for the Heartland Doll Tea Parties I kind of lost my way a little bit with the blog... I was rushing to try and make the Traveling Doll House and it consumed all my 'hobby time'. Many of my favorite aspects of playing with dolls slid onto the back burner, like Doll Photography and making fun YouTube videos and such. 

So I am determined to get back to the 'fun' parts of my blog... I've gotten nearly everything ready for the Tea Parties and an even doing a 'prototype' party this coming Friday so I can get photos and see how things run. So... Now that it's all ready, I can start to go back to some of my more 'fun' things I like to do with dolls. 

This post is mainly random doll stuff... These first few photos have been items I've seen at Thrift Stores recently that I found interesting but didn't end up buying. The doll in the box as one I'd never seen before and while I am not much a baby doll person, I thought it was interesting to see. The wishing well was fun but again, who has the storage? 

This fooseball table was adorable but I already own a pool table and a roulette table I've never really made very interesting scenes with and again, only so much space! Still, it would've been kind of fun for an 'arcade'.

So... As you know, I've gotten kind of obsessed with Doll Makeovers in the doll house lately. So doll wigs have become one of my favorite splurges. My husband said to me this last weekend "Why don't you go buy yourself a few doll wigs or some accessories" because he wanted to treat me. (Isn't he the sweetest!) and so I jumped online and went strait to a few of my favorite wig sources. The first was Beautifully Custom where I found this gorgeous wig named Apple Crisp for $27.00 shipped. Can't wait for it to arrive! 

Then I decided to give Muzi Wigs on Amazon another try since I liked the wig I got for Sasha's makeover so well. I was surprised to see that the wig I bought for her had gone up by over $11.00! I suspected when I first found them so inexpensively that Muzi Wigs was just started their prices low and that they'd go up when they started getting good reviews. I left a really good review on that wig and so... Now it's more expensive. So if you're wanting to pick up some Muzi Wigs at the good prices, I'd do it sooner rather than later. The ones I ordered here, the short white and purple was only $16.50 shipped and the strait black wig was only $13.90 shipped! Pretty sure those prices won't last. 

I also went and ordered a few more doll accessories on eBay. I really loved my American Girl Lasagna I got on there a while ago and so went back to the same seller and ordered a few more things.

So it'll be fun to review those when they arrive. 

I better run!
Till next time!

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