Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tour Of Heartland Doll House!

Greetings and Salutastions Doll Friends!

As you may have read in my blog post about my upcoming Heartland Doll Tea Parties I've been working on putting together a mobile doll house. What do I mean 'mobile doll house'? Well, exactly that. A Doll House I can box up and bring, in its entirety, to different venues. The first venues I am planning to bring it to are the upcoming Heartland Doll Tea Parties. Depending on how they go, I hope to bring it to other events or parties in the future. 

I've finally got the house complete for the most part. I might add a few more accessories to rooms here and there but this is generally what girls and their dollies will find when they come to play at the Heartland Doll House. 

Here Prism showing you the kitchen. She is making breakfast for herself and Frann. 

All the accessories and furniutre you see here will be in the kitchen as well as an additional container of doll food for you to serve or cook for your dollies.

There is milk and eggs in the fridge along with a lot of fresh fruit and veg... Not to mention cupcakes!

Prism Doll made Frann Doll a breakfast of eggs and bacon served with cofee and orange juice! YummO!

Sitting down to eat...

Bon' Appetit!

Here are Calla Doll and Radel Doll in the living room of the Doll House. It is mostly the My Life As Doll living room set I got as a gift from my husband recently. I thought a more 'modern' living room than my normal one (you can see in this post) was in order. My regular one has much more 'grown up' looking furniture, a lot of which is breakable. So this one is much more 'fun' in that you can fully play in it with no one getting hurt. I plan to add more accessories to this room as time goes by.

Calla is doing her homework while Radel practices her guitar. What a nice comforable room to sit in!

Next we have Lilly Doll in the bedroom. It's got bunk beds with lots of pillows and stuffed animals. It's got a locker at the end of the bed to store various items for the dolls. The vanity is stocked with all manner of lotions and other beauty supplies.

Here we have Sasha Doll and Lilly Doll getting ready for bed.

Time for bed!

Before she went to bed, of course she had to brush her teeth. This is Sasha in the bathroom of the Doll House. There is a toilet, a bathtub with hand held shower, a vanity with a sink and mirror and pretty plants and rugs in this room. A perfect room for a Dolly to freshen up!

So that is the Heartland Doll House! If you'd like a 'video tour' you can check here. At the Tea Parties at the Treasure Trove I plan to also bring along four full size horses and four ponies and set up a small Sweet Shoppe and Vet Clinic but I'll have to give you a tour of those last two rooms in an upcoming post!

Better run for now!


  1. Lovely tea party plan and amazing doll items! I would like to take part in it even though it will take about 20 hours to get your town. Haha.

  2. If you came to visit I'd probably throw one just for you! Great chatting yesterday! Xxoo