Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cute Shirt Find At The Flea Market!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

This past weekend after church we ran by the flea market so I could check in on my favorite toy vendor there. Sadly, as I went to her regular booth space, I found she was gone and a totally new booth totally unrelated to toys was there. Bummer!! So, in a likelyhood this means I'll stop going to the flea market very much anymore. Oh well... Since I was there I decided to look around for doll sized items anyway. Can't hurt to look, right?

I didn't find much with regards to doll sized accessories but I was surprised and excited to find a little corner of one of the booths had American Girl Doll sized clothes! Awesomeness!

As you may know if you've seen my Doll Closet, I have no shortage of doll clothes. So it takes a mighty fine item and price to tempt me. Her dresses were pretty but they were all marked $20.00 each. Not really unreasonable given how much work goes into dresses but... Too rich for my blood. I can upcycle dolly dresses for nearly nothing and so it's really hard for me to pay that kind of money for them. You know what I mean? However, I was delighted to find that the little basket of dolly sized shirts were only $2.00 each! What?! I don't really understand the pricing desparity but who am I to question it? I grabbed up three of the prettiest ones and bought them. In hindsight I probably should've grabbed up the whole basket full of them because cute plain doll tops are not as plentiful in my doll wardrobe as I might like. (I know, hush! I have a lot of dolls and girls need lots of clothes. Right?) 

See the purple shiny one hanging by the basket? That is a mermaid tail and top and so so cute. It was also $20.00 and if it hadn't been so late in the month and me nearly out of Doll Mad Money, I mgiht've indulged. 

Between the tops I left behind and this adorable vintage sideboard that was only $5.00 I might have to go back tomorrow after work though. We shall see. I don't know what I was thinking of leaving this cute thing there? Just had that nagging "You have to store it somewhere Heather" voice in my head. But... Isn't it adorable!?!?

Here are Calla and Radel in two of the cute new tops. I think they are perfect in their simplicity. They are velcro back and made really well. Most certainly worth $2.00 each.

Better run!

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