Friday, June 16, 2017

My Life As Dolls on Sale At Walmart!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

"Hello. My name is Heather and I am addicted to dolls"

There. I've said it. Perhaps now I can begin to abstain? Hahaha. I doubt it. I doubt it. 

Could you have left this beauty in the store when she was only $14.84? Well, I apparently couldn't. I honestly felt I was being 'good' by only buying one. Right? Kidding! (Sort of)

I know I say this about all the dolls but I think she is so pretty! I have had a brown haired brown eyed My Life As Doll before but she'd come second hand and her hair was dreadful and so she became my Jon Snow doll. So it'll be fun to have another one... I picked the one with the pink stripe in her hair so she'd have a bit of a different look than the other brown haired brown eyed dolls in my collection. Isn't she pretty?

Here she is with another of my most recently purchased My Life As Doll dolls Jasmine.

Oliver wanted to be in the photo too!

Naturally the way I found out that many of the dolls were on sale was having gone to Walmart last week... The following photos are from two different Walmarts. I always find it interesting to see what 'different' stuff each Walmart has and so I always figure I'll show you too in case you also find it interesting.

I saw these headbands in the Independence Day section... They are made for 'real people' but I thought the hats could be removed and a string added and they'd be super cute on the dolls! I didn't buy one because, well, I only have so much doll-mad-money and I ran across the clearanced dolls instead and well.... You know. Haha.

They were pretty doggone cute though I gotta say.

I did pick up one of these because it was only marked $1.47 but when I got it to the checkout it rang up at twice that much and so I told her to just put it back. Lame. Right?

So here are the dolls, see how like 75% of them are marked down to the $14.84? Crazy! I mentioned it in a few of my doll groups (I always try and share when I see good deals so they can go out and spend all their money too! Hahaha!) and had a member tell me that she's seen them go as low as $7 in the past in her store! Wow! I am guessing they clearance them out this time of year to make room for the new designs coming out in fall for the Christmas season. So, I am learning that perhaps the best time of year to buy dolls is right now. Even ToysRUS has some of their Journey Girl Dolls as cheap as $22.59 right now. So... I'll have to remember that when the stuff comes out at Christmastime! Just wait and it'll clearance out in June. Eh? Being an adult collector I don't care if I have to wait six months if I can get something for half off or more! Right? I digress and am running out to time this morning....

So the rest of this little report will probably just be photos for the most part...

Even the small dolls are marked down by like 25%. I haven't ever wanted one of the My Life As Mini Dolls because they made them larger than the AG and OG kind and I don't like that. What can I say?

Here are the first three I was trying to decide between at the store untill....

I saw this one and that was it. I loved her look and her little outfit can be used as a yoga outfit too. Score!

Isn't she pretty! What a great deal!

Have to run!
Have a great weekend!

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