Sunday, June 25, 2017

Morning Photos Outside And A Doll Makeover Reveal

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Lately I've been feeling a bit paralyzed in my Doll Hobby... I have a 'To Do' list a mile long that I want to do. It seems like every morning lately I tell myself "Today I will do more of my Dolly To Do List" than I have been getting done lately". Then, by the time I get off work in the evening and get the evening meal accomplished and whatnot, I set to thinking of what I should start with regards to Doll Projects and I get paralyzed. Always wanting to post good informative posts here on the blog with regular frequency, I have gotten to where I feel the need to 'accomplish' a 'blog post worthy' thing with by 'hobby time' and for whatever reason, the last week or so, that just stops me dead in my tracks. Like "Oh, I don't have the energy tonight to get all that done." And so instead, I do nothing and waste my evening watching Netflix. So silly.

So today, in one of my Doll Groups, another person who's starting up a Dolly Food business where she makes doll food out of clay. She was feeling pressure to get things out the door to the people she'd asked to product test them for her. As usually happens in life, she hit unexpected delays and snags that was keeping her from sending out the parcels of dolly food. I am sure none of the people who she'd been so kind as to offer to send them to were upset by the delays. I actually wrote this to her in a comment:

No worries!! I would hate for this "business" part of it to steal your joy in the whole process! That happens to me sometimes with my blog... "Life" happens and then I feel like I am "behind" (the dead lines I set for myself) and get all stressed. In fact I have been feeling that way a lot lately. I only tell you this here because this morning, seeing you feel like you need to apologize about GIFTS you're sending people simply because you feel you're "late" makes me want to hug you and say "Slow down! It's a hobby! No Doll is gonna starve to death if food isn't out door even a month from now!! It's ok!" Because it is. Our dolls will not starve. So breathe and know we all understand you have a full life! I am gonna try and take my own advice too and try and take pressure off myself too and get back to enjoying my hobby without always thinking of how it will turn into a blog post. I'll pray for both of us to be more peaceful. It'll all get done exactly as it's meant to. Right?

So, as I was writing that to her, I decided I needed to listen to my own 'advice'. So, instead of thinking "What do I 'need' to do for the blog posts?" I thought "What would be fun to do with the dolls?" I decided the answer was to go out and take some photos with a few Dollies in the pretty morning sunshine before church. 

One doll I've been meaning to come and show you and tell you about is this little lady. Isn't she cute as a button? She is an Adora doll I re-wigged about a month ago. I love girl dolls with shorter hair cuts and have several of them in the Doll House like DoraBernieCourtney and Annie amoung others that I am sure I am forgetting as I am writing this post. So when I saw this cute little wig on eBay, I knew I wanted to makeover my older Adora doll with it! When I got my newer Adora Dolls, I decided that both my older Adora dolls would get makeovers and I wanted this little lady to look wholly different than she had. So a short hair cut is the perfect solution I think!

Isn't she totally adorable? I have have decided to name her Claretta after someone I know in real life. 

I think she's so pretty with shorter hair. 

Don't you?

I also decided to bring Patricia out for photos. She's one of my more recent makeovers and I hadn't had a chance to take her photo outside yet. You can really see the highights in her hair in the natural light, I think she looks so pretty!  This doll is actually my third inception of a Patricia doll. The second inception was a #Girlslife Doll by Jaks Pacific but I've since decided to get rid of all my dolls with this body type because I have way too many dolls and I wanted to get rid of a whole 'type' so I could also get rid of all the extra clothes and shoes (etc etc etc) that I had for them. The very first Patricia doll was also a type of doll that I used to have in my collection but that I got rid of because I had too many dolls. Teehee. So, as you can see, as I go along, I often 'upgrade' my doppelganger dolls as I go along and find ones I think are more suitable. 

I think she's perfect. She's got a sweet french manicure her prior owner gave her and that is perfect for a Patricia doll because real Patricia always has nice fingernails.  

More photos of Claretta out in the yard. Something about being out in the 'real' yard with the real light just makes dolls look so pretty, I think. 

Here are Claretta and Patricia.

I wanted to get more of the three of them but Samantha Doll just didn't want to stand up very well in the grass. 

But the two photos I was able to get of the three of them I thought turned out very cute. So, I had a lot of fun taking these photos! I need to stop taking everything so seriously and just 'enjoy my dolls' as Sew4Dolls says all the time. That's what it's all about, right?

Better run for now!
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Claretta is SO CUTE!
    And I know exactly what you mean about being paralyzed when it comes to working on the to do list. I'm now trying to calm down and just post too. Angela told me how to add doll blogs to the side of my blog, and I did that successfully. Yours is on it as I visit your blog every day.
    I've come up with an idea to get me to make some of my projects. I'm going to call Mondays "Monday Motivation" and I'm going to post on FB and on my blog about a new project which I've made and taken photos of. I'm going to try my absolute best. Hopefully that will work for me!

    1. Thanks! I think she's adorable too. I love the idea of Motivation Monday! I need to come up with a better game plan as well. Part of what's been keeping me distracted is my upcoming Tea Parties. I've been slowly accumulating items for a second 'mobile' doll house and so obviously that's taken up a lot of time. It's all coming together now though... Bit by bit. Hope this finds you having a great day! XXOO

  2. You have boundless energy! Your tea parties sound delightful and I hope they go well.