Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thrifty Finds and Left Behinds

Greetings and Salutations Doll Freinds!!

I went into town on Tuesday and, as is my custom, I stopped by a few thrift stores while enroute home. I found quite a few fun things...

I got the little condiment bowls to see if I can't come up with some way to make 'dishes' inside of them. Perhaps mac&cheese or soup or something? Not sure but that's the plan I have in my mind for them. They were only 25cents each and so if the project flops, I can just toss them in the trash and not feel bad about it. Right? The stemware glasses.... Well... What can I say? As you can see in this post I probably have 'enough' stemware for the dolls but when they are so pretty and only 50cents each, well... As you can tell, I couldn't very well leave them there! The little two drawer jewelry box is going to be painted all white and go into the bedroom with the bunkbeds in the doll house. The last thing I got is the two little cups with figures on them that say Korea. I was so delighted to find them!! I plan to use them as vases for flowers and keep on and send one to my sister friend Frann who actually lives in Korea. I just thought it was too awesome that, in the middle of Nebraska, I found two little doll sized items that said Korea when my best doll friends in all the world lives there! I suspect they are meant to be small tea cups? Not sure but I think they are nifty. 

As I mentioned in a prior post, I have decided to start taking photos of the things I 'leave behind' at thrift stores. Sometimes I kick myself for doing so but I try to be good about not bringing too much stuff home. Because space is limited and, lets be honest, I might have enough doll stuff already.... (Is there such a thing?! I think not! haha!) Anyway, so this chair is one of the things I didn't buy one Tuesday. When I saw the photo in my phone as I went to post this I thought "Why on Earth didn't I get that?" because it really is super cute. I guess I recall thinking it might be a smidge too tall for the Doll House and also I have so many doll chairs as to be ridiculous. So... Who knows. I am meant to be back in the neighborhood of this store today, in fact, so... Perhaps I'll go back and see if it's still there. Teeheehee....

I am never ever ever tempted to buy porcelain dolls because I've always considered them to be the antithesis of dolls. A doll that you never play with or change it's clothes but that is literally made to sit on a shelf to collect dust...? I don't get it. Honestly I don't. Never have. I guess I understand why they had them in the past before more durable materials were produced by why now? Perhaps one of my lovely readers likes them and can explain to me the appeal? Then again, I do know a lot of collectors of play dolls often keep them in the boxes and never open or play with them so... To each their own honestly. I'd never 'judge' someone for liking or collecting porcelain dolls, I just meant to say I don't understand them myself. All that being said (I do tend to ramble) I sometimes see one that I think "Oh what a shame she is made out of porcelain because her face sculpt is just lovely". Dolls that, if they were 'my' sort of dolls, I'd love to have in my collection. So I've decided to start taking photos of those with pretty face sculpts to show you in my thrifty posts. So here is one of the first! Something about her cute little face made me smile. 

More chairs!! I actually picked these up and almost bought them thinking "I could paint them a different color so they'd be the same and they'd be so cute in the Sweet Shoppe but... Once again, I forced myself to walk away. 

Another pretty porcelain doll... I am telling you, there are at least 5-10 in every single thrift store I go to. Once upon a time I bought them to steal their clothing but have since started liking more contemporary clothing on my dollies and so they lost their appeal on that score. It's a good idea if you need some really pretty doll clothes for not too much money though. It seems kind of mean to steal their clothes but perhaps it's even meaner to leave them at Goodwill. Because, nine times out of ten, before I see them get purchased, I see these dolls with broken limbs and utterly ruined. It's kind of sad really. 

A cute hobby horse that is maybe a tiny bit too short but would be perfect for Wellie Wishers or HeartForHeart dolls.

Another cute face!! Her outfit was pretty cute too but... I walked away. 

And another horse. I have three horses already and one of them is white and so, there she stayed. Still, so pretty!

I am out of time and have to run!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yes, You are my lovely friend to suppress the desire toward dolls. Just seeing doll items in the shelves is fun instead of bringing them home. Haha.

    1. Thanks Frann. It's hard for me to leave things behind! So thanks for saying that. Only so much room though afterall. IT doesn't help that there is such a pleathora of good 2nd hand shops so easily accessible. I always think "I could go buy a fancy coffee or take that same cash and possibly get some really posh doll item for it" and too often the latter wins out. Hahaha. Chat tomorrow! Looking forward to! <3

  2. Our thrift stores have bunches of these porcelain bisque dolls as well. I usually just buy them for their shoes and wigs, and only when they're half price! Sometimes they have a cute outfit which can be used, but usually it's too "over the top" and cheaply made. Often times, they'll even come with a cute accessory, like a purse, necklace, basket, etc. I will mention one thing...not all of the porcelain dolls are always porcelain! Sometimes, they are hard vinyl dolls which look and feel like porcelain so much that most people can't tell unless they touch one. I have found some very, collectible dolls this way (like Effanbee and Julie Good-Kruger dolls, among others) which I have been able to turn around and sell on Ebay for a nice profit, depending on the doll. Also, if the doll is on a jointed, composition body, you can sell that for a nice sum as well! So it really does pay to take a closer look at that pile of porcelain dolls!

    1. Hi Angela! So behind in replying to comments! I agree with you on being able to find 'better' dolls amoung the porcelains. That's where I found my Julie Good-Kruger! I'll try and post an address to the blog post I wrote about it but I am pretty sure you'll have to copy/paste it into your browswer because there is no way to put a linky in comments at least that I know of. :) She is one of my favorite 'little sibling' dolls... I should really give her more face time in the Doll House. :)

      Here is link addy:

      I've considered selling some of the dolls I have in my collection that I never play with because I always consider them 'too nice' to play with... Like my poor Sasha doll sits and collects dust. Why do I do that? Silly. But I thought perhaps I should sell some of them to, like you say, fund my other doll adventures. Then when I go to do it, I chicken out and worry I'll totally regret it. Is that silly?

      Have a great day!