Monday, June 19, 2017

Garage Sale Treasures For The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

My my my time does fly... Do you ever have seasons of your life where you have a hard time finding the right 'balance'? You know, where all the things that seemingly seemed to sync up very well, timing wise, stop syncing up as well? You can't really put your finger on what threw your life all cattywampus but you know it is because you feel just a smidge unsettled and have a hard time focusing on all aspects because something just seems 'off'... That's been me lately. Nothing has gone 'wrong' or 'bad' or anything but I still feel like I am running 100mph trying to keep up anyway. One lovely thing about being in my 40's, though, is I know I'll eventually catch my stride again. I only bring it up here because I feel like I've been 'falling down' on getting blogs posted as regularly as I'd like. I am determined to get back in the swing of things. However, if you're inclined, I'd love if you could say a prayer for me. Just a simple one, that Jesus would help me to find 'peace and balance' again, that'd be super. Goodness gracious, I hope that didn't make me sound bonkers. Nothing like admitting you're unbalanced, eh? Haha. I am kidding. Just made myself chuckle as I typed out the prayer request. So thanks in advance... 

On to the dolls!!

Garage Sale season has arrived!! It's one of my favorite times of the year! I went to several last weekend and, between them and a few thrift stores during the week, I found some nifty stuff for the Doll House! Here is my new, and so far un-named, Tolly Tot doll. I think she is abolutely gorgeous! Her hair is like it is brand new, shiny and bright and she can't have ever been played with. likely owned by an adult collector like myself. I am still amazed that I got her and the other one for such a good deal. I am considering names for this beauty. I often name my dollies after people in my real life and 'famous' people I admire so I keep gazing at her and considering who she favors. It helps a lot that I was a military brat growing up and so I've had lot of friends in my life. I really find it a lot of fun to name dolls after them. Kind of like re-creating my life in the Doll House. Sort of... The only hazard is that it also means I feel guilty if I ever consider getting rid of a doll I've named after someone though. Haha. Maybe that is silly but it could explain my ever burgeoning doll collection, right? I can't very well get rid of my 'friends' or people I admire! Golly, Doll Problems. Eh? 

 I already owned a Tolly just like her, named Sasha, who's hair wasn't nearly as nice. So, I suspect Sasha is in for a makeover with a new wig. I actually have a wig on the way that I am kind of thinking will be hers if it looks good on her. I am becoming hopelessly addicted to customizing dolls. It's just so much fun! 

This first item I am hoping will work as little 'hand puppets' for the dolls. I doubt that the puppets will fit over any dolls entire hand but I am hoping that perhaps they might fit over the fingers of a doll and I can secure it with a clear rubber band (the not so well kept secret of having dollies hold stuff well in photos) and make it look like a doll is putting on a puppet show. So... I'll have to let you know how that goes when I get a chance at trying them on a doll. 

Pretty self explanatory but these cute little frisbee's are nearly perfectly doll sized. I mean, they'd probably be the size of an 'oversized' frisbee but still very cute. As you can see, I got whole package for 25cents.

 I think these cute little pennants could be adorable on a doll's bedroom wall. Just flip them over and put on a team letter or mascot. Naturally when I do this I'll come back and remind you where I got them. 

They used to sell these at the Dollar Tree   but naturally the few times I saw them I thought 'Oh, I'll have to pick some up sometime...." and then never have seen them again. That happens sometimes at the Dollar Tree especially when you shop at a few different ones like I tend to do. So when I found these two for 59cents each at the Goodwill I grabbed them up!

These barrettes were only 25cents! If you look at the photo of my new Tolly at top of this blog post, you'll see she is wearing them. So cute!

I love these candle holders I got a Garage Sale last weekend! The top one was $1.00 and the set was $1.00. Isn't that amazing!?

This little fella was only 25cents!! I loved Woodstock when I was little and so this little guy is totally going in 'Heathers' bedroom in the Doll House. I use that bedroom for all the dolls depending on the scene I want to make but when I decorate it, it's totally to my own tastes. Haha. 

You can get these at Walmart for like $1. but for 10cents at a Garage Sale I had to get it. 

This whole ziplock of cute little doll sized items was only $2.00!!

I can't wait to have the dolls make a drumming circle with them. I used to sit in on them when I was younger (what can I say, I was a bit of a hippy) and there is nothing like the music created by a room full of drums. It's amazing. I love the little cups too! So fun!

I don't really go for board books much anymore since I have a lots of doll sized books already but as you might've figured out, I have a weakness for Bibles and Bible stories and these are perfectly doll sized and were only $20cents each. 

How could I not. I know I have a lot of books but I didn't have this one. Teehee.

This was probably one of my favorite finds lately, maybe ever. I got this goreous stained glass lamp for only $2.00 at a Garage Sale. I love love love it!! Isn't it pretty!

I love stained glass in 'real life' and so it will be perfect to have a doll sized lamp in 'Heathers' room with a stained glass shade. 

You can even put a tea light in it and make it actually work. SCORE!!

In my last post about thrift store scores I showed you a premie dress and a vintage doll sized jacket. Here they both are on my new Tolly. Since she was new I thought it'd be fun to let her model them for you. 

There is a tiny stain on the front of the dress but it fits like a dream Isn't it cute on her?! Yellow is a good color. I seemingly forgot to put shoes on the poor dear but I do know I go about the house barefoot all the time in summer so... Maybe she just kicked off her shoes to be comfortable? Right?

Better run!
Have a great day!


  1. Heather, this post has made me green with envy. LOL! I love all your fabulous finds. They are amazing. I love the lamp the best.

    1. Hi Loretta! It's one of the best finds I've ever been lucky enough to get that's for sure. I love stained glass everything! I have a stained glass lamp in my 'real' living room too. (It's a bit different than this, more art deco type) It's finds like this that keep me out 'hunting' even though I clearly have 'enough' doll stuff to keep me busy for the rest of forever. Hahaha. So I generally just keep 'upgrading' things as I go. At this rate, the Doll House will be nicer than my real house. Hahaha. :)

  2. I am praying for you. May God continue to bless you and your family.