Saturday, December 2, 2017

Drawing For Doll Outfit For December!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy December!! This month I've decided to have my drawing for a freebie doll item early in the month... So perhaps if it's a Mommy out there who'd like to have it to wrap up to put under the Christmas Tree, it'll make it there in time. What is the drawing for this time? This cute little doll outfit is from Pink Butterfly Closet on Amazon!

Now when you look at the packaging above, the words "Pink Butterfly Closet are upside down but honestly, that's how it came packaged and I wanted to be able to say it's brand-new and never opened or I might've opened it up to turn it right. This outfit came as one of three outfits I purchased recently off of Amazon in a three outfit set.

Here is the back of the outfit. As you can see, the top has a velcro closure and the shorts have cute little 'belt loops detail. 

The set of three outfits arrived like this, in a big plastic bag with three outfits in it, all in their own little bag. I thought the price was good for three outfits, $24.95 and hadn't heard of Pink Butterfly Closet before so... I decided to give them a try. I knew when I ordered them that one of them would be a prize for my monthly Doll Drawing! I wasn't sure which to choose because they were all so cute. So I had my husband shuffle them around in a box and I pulled one out... And the one with the white top and pink shorts was the one I grabbed. 

How do you enter drawing? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!! Just like last time, you just go and 'like' the PCR American Doll House Facebook Page and share the post there about the contest on your own Facebook page. That's it, super easy!

 I will draw the name of the contest winner on Sunday December 10, 2017 at  6:00PM CST.

*Contest only open to people in the United States or APO addresses due to postage costs!!* (Sorry international readers, I only have so much money to devote to my little blog here)

All three of the outfits were very cute and well made. The two I opened were very cute on dolls too!

Here is Prism and Amya modeling them for you!! Aren't they cute? One thing I have to mention that I found a bit odd was that one of the outfits, the purple one with aztec motif, is the only one of the three that didn't have a velcro closure on back of shirt. So I had to pull it down over Amya's head. I was able to do it without too much trouble but I think it would prove tricky for a child to do. So if you buy this set for your daughter, prepare to help her dress dolly when she wants this outfit on. Otherwise, the quality is wonderful and they are bright and colorful and have cute details. So I think they are a good deal really since they come to a little over $8/outfit (with AmazonPrime and free shipping). That's cheaper than the My Life As Doll outfits at Walmart and I think these outfits are a bit better quality than those.

Good luck on the drawing!! 
Remember I plan to do a drawing every month for some 18inch doll related item or other so check back so you'll have a chance to win! 

Have a great weekend Doll Friends!!

December 7, 2017: NOTE: I inadvertenly listed the drawing date as 'Sunday Dec 9th' Which doesn't exist this year. So drawing will be on Sunday the 10th! Sorry for any confusion!! XXOO

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