Sunday, December 10, 2017

Maru and Friends Tanya Comes Home To The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!!

So... I recently added Maru from Maru and Friends to my collection after finding her on Amazon for only $99.00 (with free shipping with Amazon Prime). I'd wanted her at the Maru and Friend Website price of $115 (with shipping) so when I saw her for so much less and I had birthday money to boot, I had to have her. When she arrived, I loved her so much that, when I got another bit of early Christmas money, well... I bought her 'sister' Tanya on Amazon for $99.00. She arrived on Thursday but I didn't get a chance to take her out for photos until yesterday afternoon. 

Isn't she gorgeous!?!?

I love how the box says "Open Happiness". They must know how doll collectors feel when they get a new doll! 

I also love how they come double boxed. So you can store their main display box in a box and keep it nice. Well done. 

Tanya came in a really pretty sweater and leggings with black boots. Much like I did with Maru, I am going to post this link to Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter's Review of Tanya. Never one to want to reinvent the wheel, I think she did a great review and is actually the source I found out about these dolls from. So shout out to Kewpie83!

 I just can't get over how beautiful these dolls are and how well made they are for the cost. I think I have at least one more Maru doll on my wish list for the future... Well, ok, maybe two. I think I'll eventually end up getting Valentina because she's lovely. I'd likely have picked her next but they didn't have her on Amazon. Then I also love Mini Pal Chad because I don't really have any 'small' boy dolls in my collection to go with all my 14inch dolls like Wellie Wishers or Heart for Hearts. So... Someday... Maybe...

I better run and get rady for church! Have a great Sunday!