Thursday, December 7, 2017

Battat Glitter Girls Clothes Ensemble Sets!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Early last month, I discovered you could buy Glitter Girls on Amazon. After having searched in vain for them at Target's brick&mortar store, I might have gone a bit nuts when I found them all available right there to 'Buy with just one click'. The outfits are priced pretty reasonably and the fact of the matter is all of my 14 inch dolls haven't had the most diverse wardrobe because, heretofore, finding 14inch doll clothes at a good price can be problematic. So... When I found them, I felt like I was being a very 'good girl' only ordering two dolls. Since I was good though, I decided I would focus on getting some outfits... And I may or may not have gone a tad bit overboard... Nah! I have a lot of dolls who need clothes! Right?

Battat did such a great job on both the dolls and their outfits. I am really impressed! It's so nice that each outfit comes with a pair of shoes/boots too! I dressed a few different brands of dolls in them so you could see how they fit on all of them. Left to right above is: Glitter Girl Shara Wellie Wisher Adylyn, HeartforHearts Juliessa, Style Girls *not named yet?*, Glitter Girl *not named yet*, Wellie Wisher Suzi and Heart for Hearts Lauryce doll.

Here are the outfits as they arrived in the packages. They all come with a hanger too which is great because obviously the clothes are smaller for this kind of doll and 18inch doll clothes hangers are sometimes too big. I'd go into a full blown review here but 1) I am short on time today and 2) I don't tend to like to reinvent the wheel so to speak. So instead I am going to give you this link to American Girl Ideas Review Of Glitter Girl Clothes. 

Here are some photos of my girlies in the clothes.

Aren't they just the most darling clothes?

Better run!

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