Friday, December 15, 2017

Doll Backgrounds From FunDeco For American Girl Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I love Doll backdrops but never thought to look for them on Amazon until this past weekend and I found this fun 'four scenes in one' doll backdrop and had to check it out. It was $30, so that’s only $7.50 per scene. It would cost at least that to make a far inferior version of such a thing myself so, I thought it was a pretty good deal!

Here is Nanea in the tropical scene right after I got the background in the mail yesterday... I literally couldn't wait to take her photo in it when I got it out of the box. I knew it'd be fantastic for photos with her! And I was so right, eh? Isn't she adorable on the beach? She was pretty excited too, she likes Nebraska but misses her home in Hawaii. So this will be great for her too. (Teehee)

Here is Suzi with her pony in the horse stable scene. Doesn't it look so real?

The backdrop is made from a a heavy foam board that fits together in an X shape. Pretty nifty. Here are some photos of it I stole from Amazon to give you an idea of how it goes together until I get a chance to take better photos of it myself I didn't think to take a photo of the actual item yesterday, I was too busy having fun taking photos of the dolls in the scenes!

I think care would have be taken if you have smaller children when putting it together just so it doens't get bent or whatnot but once it's assembled, you have four wholly different 'venues' for your Dollies to play in. Nicely done FunDeco!!

Here is Pam Rosanna enjoying a walk in the winter wonderland!

Lastly here is Francis in the camping scene. My one tiny 'complaint' about this one is that it puts the Doll standing in the water? I plan to use my grass panels from eBay when I take photos with it in earnest though and think it’ll look ok especially with more dolls and props in scene.

So after I got them and came here to tell you all about them, I realize that Amazon is totally out of stock!! Bummer! I almost didn't come to tell you about them because how lame is it if you can't get one too! So I was brainstorming about how to help you find your own and decided to just Google the company name and low and behold, there they were and at the same price. I am not sure what shipping costs are but here is the link to them on FunDeco's website. As you'll see, they also make 'indoor scenes' and I might get that one at some point or other just because it'd be fun to have 'other rooms' backgrounds for the Doll House. We will see... They also make some pretty other products, like the castle... I suspect that would make a pretty cool doll prop if you had the space and wanted to make cool scenes of dolls in a castle. I might just have to do that sometime as well... Haha. We shall see. So if you need great doll backdrops, I highly recommend these. Taking outdoor doll photos is so much easier inside! Right?

Better run.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi,Heather another awesome doll product review.

  2. That's really neat. I love the winter scene!

  3. I double checked to see if they ship to Canada but they don't as they use UPS. I know that service charges an exorbitant fee (I once paid $78 to receive a doll, on top of postage costs). So I'll admire your product in your photos!