Sunday, December 3, 2017

Maru Comes Home To The Doll House!

Hi hi hi Doll Friends!!

Well, in case you haven't noticed, November is a bit of a 'windfall' month for me because it is my birthday month. This year I had my 45th birthday and I think I got just a touch more spoiling because it's not every day you get half way to 90! Teehee. So, with the birthday money I got from my parents-in-law, I bought a doll that has been on my short wish list for a while... Meet Maru!

Maru is a 20inch doll from the Maru and Friends Doll Line. I first saw and fell in love with her on a video about her from Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter and have had her on my wish list a while but she kept getting bumped when new dolls came out (Nanea! etc) So when I got the birthday money in the almost exact amount she cost on Amazon, I knew it was time. 

This is how she arrived. I was really impressed because she came in an outer shipping box with her actual box nice and protected inside. Well done Maru and Friends!!

Here's how she looked in her presentation box. 


I love love love the way they fastened her to the box! With white grossgrain ribbon! How lovely! 

See the bow?

As the girl in the review of her said, the details are extraordinary!! She comes with all the accessories that oftentimes you have to pay extra for from other doll companies. 

I forgot to bring her cute little handbag outside when I took her outside for photos. 

I think her face sculpt is just gorgeous. Apparently the sculpt was done by Dianna Effner!

Her feet, I have discovered, are nearly identical in size to Journey Girl dolls feet. Perfect! They can share shoes!! I wanted to compare her body size shape to a doll that was similar and so I put her next to my Carpatina doll

They have very similar body types other than Maru being 20inches and Diya is 18inches.

 So I am so glad to have Maru in my collection at the Doll House! She is lovely! I might have to get another doll from the line someday... We shall see.

Have a fantastic week!!

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